Hi, my name is Deb I'm a busy mom of two little girls, and a wife to a wonderful guy who works so, so hard for his family. I have a never ending list of projects, and a mind that never stops coming up with new things to create, change, and decorate. Which usually makes my husband roll his eyes because he knows in some way he'll need to help me, but that's okay. I have to admit that my own personal highs come from finding things that are super inexpensive and turning them into something fabulous.

My two little girls keep me super, super busy. If you have girls you know how much drama comes along wtih them, and we have absolutely no shortage in the drama department. I call them the D.Q.T.s... Drama Queens in Training. They each have their own little personalities and their own little issues. But we deal with each bridge when we come to it and come out stronger on the other side. But these little ones make me laugh and cry, sing and shout, jump for joy and kneel in prayer. They are my life and my reason for being.

This is my own special place come to and vent, show off, share my obsessions, my latest finds and creations, and just hang out. I have met lots of people on here, and it is amazing just what a small world we live in when it comes to Blogland. I'm glad you've stopped by to visit.
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