Happy 2014 all!... Well that is, anyone who still reads this blog.  It's amazing to think that it is already 2014.  Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday my littles were really little.  We are now entering the moody teenager stage and with two girls in the house, full on drama is the natural backdrop to everything in this house.  It's seriously exhausting!

It seems like I've done so many things this year... I really do try to keep myself busy.  And of course there is no greater thrill for me than transforming something from YUCK to WOW!  The Sell/Swap sites on Facebook became my absolute favorite way to shop, and I have to admit that I managed to refurnish a large portion of our home simply by shopping from these sites.  My husband was not too sure about the whole thing and was really not a fan of this table.  He kept telling me if I got rid of it he would buy me a new table.  MEN... they just don't get it!  So I asked him if he wanted to spend $300 on a table or $20 on a table that would look A LOT more expensive when I was done with it.  He of course favored the latter choice, and I have to say was pretty shocked when he came home to find the table transformed into this.

Here are some of my other transformations thanks to the wonderful invention of chalk paint and the Facebook Sell/Swap sites.

Transforming furniture was only the tip of the iceberg.  I decided that 2013 was the year that I needed to start transforming and taking care of myself.   This, I have to admit, has not been a priority for me.  I was always more concerned with taking care of my husband and my girls and making sure that their needs were met.  Unfortunately that meant that I was slowly falling into a pattern of feeling horrible all the time and just not having the energy to do anything ever.  I have suffered from migraines all my life, and I had gotten to the point that I was having headaches at least 3-4 times a week.  My husband was frustrated, I was frustrated, and my girls were frustrated.  There is nothing worse than having your daughter's say, "Let me guess.  You have another headache."  But sadly that was my reality.

Admittedly, I was not doing anything to try and remedy the situation.  I mean you can only take so much over the counter pain medication, but isn't that just really a bandaid.  I had chalked it up to my migraines being hereditary and I would just always have to deal with them.  But I never stopped to wonder just what was causing them.  When my husband would tell me that I needed to change my eating habits, stop drinking my daily Sonic cokes, drink more water, exercise and I would feel better... I would get annoyed.  I would try to do better, but after a few days I would give up and I would be back to feeling bad and I would give up.  But I knew I had to do something.  Being hispanic and having a family history of high blood pressure and knowing that diabetes is a very real problem when you're overweight was so scary to me.  I DID NOT want to go down that path.  So I knew I needed to do something fast.

Well, I started noticing these posts on Facebook that a friend was posting about her weight loss success.  Of course at first I was not interested.  I mean I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing had worked.  But I just couldn't help but be amazed by her amazing progress.  She had started this program after being told by her doctor that she needed to do something as she was Pre-diabetic, had high blood pressure, and her thyroid was not working.  At the time of that post, she had been on it for 3 months and had lost 40 lbs. (To date she has lost 75 lbs.)  So of course, my curiosity got the better of me and I contacted her to find out just what in the heck she was doing.  She told me about Plexus, and about how easy it had been for her to lose the weight.  Of course I was skeptical, but I thought, "what the heck... I'll give it a try for a couple of months and see what happens."  I am so, so thankful that I did.

In a matter of days I felt a huge difference.  I had more energy, I was sleeping better, my appetite had significantly changed and my cravings for all the C*R*A*P that I had been putting into my body were gone.  I no longer wanted my daily Sonic route 44 coke... and I wasn't getting a headache from caffeine withdrawal.  I seriously could not believe that by simply drinking this pink drink every day and taking a capsule (both of which are all natural) I was actually starting to feel better.  And the most AMAZING part... my migraines were GONE!  But would it continue?  That would be the test.  What would happen once the holidays would come around? Would I relapse and eat all the sweets and junk that are synonymous with the holidays, or would this will power and loss of appetite for junk continue?  Well, for the first time in forever, I actually lost weight during the holidays instead of gaining.  Call me SHOCKED!  To date I've lost 24 lbs and 27 inches and honestly y'all, I haven't felt this good since I was in college.  I haven't started exercising yet, but that is my goal for this month.

Here are my before and current pictures.  I'm still losing and as much as I want to run out and buy some new Miss Me jeans, I don't want to have to give them away in a month because they don't fit anymore. So for now... I'll wait.

I decided I was going to scream it to the masses and tell everyone I knew how amazing Plexus is.  I mean really... if you knew about something that could help people feel better, get healthy and oh yeah, as a side effect lose weight, wouldn't you want to tell everyone about it too?  I can't tell you how many different things these products are helping people with.

Want some more information?  Message me or leave a comment and I'll give you all the info I know.  I'm an open book and just want everyone to be able to live a better life.  Want to start your own transformation... I can help you with that as well.

My transformation has not been completed yet, but I am well on my way!


Happy 2013!!!  I have been noticeably absent from this blog, but with the new year comes a new focus.  I have had several friends ask me if I have blogged about certain things I've done in my home, projects I've worked on or plan to work on, transformations, and honestly I just haven't had the inspiration in a while.  But with a new year comes a new focus.  The past few years I've spent a lot of time out of my home (working, volunteering, and just basically being distracted).  I've realized that I love my home, and being in my home, and doing things to make my home a nice place for my family to be.  So my focus for the new year is my home and all the "little pieces" that make up my home... family, cooking, decorating, organizing.  I want this to be a place where I share my focus with you.  So this blog is going to be revamped, and I'm hoping to be A LOT BETTER at sharing the process.

The organizing of my home, first had to begin with me.  Over the past few years I have become a lot more forgetful about things.  Appointments, meetings, lunches, practices, deadlines... as a mom running in different directions it's easy to forget things.  And although I would get reminders on my phone, I'm just not very good at last minute reminders.  I needed to be able to look at a whole month or a whole week and see jobs, or meetings SCREAMING out at me..."Hey don't forget you have the dentist on Tuesday afternoon.", "Hey girl, lunch on Friday with J", "HELLO... Yearbook purchasing deadline is FRIDAY!"   Nothing more annoying to me that to see that I have scheduled a school meeting and a lunch with a long lost friend at the same time on the same day and have to cancel one at the last minute.

So my search for a good planner began.  I tried making my own with the Martha Stewart line of items at Staples, but that big ole binder just was too big for my purse... and I carry a big purse.  I needed something more compact, but I also needed more room to write.  Sounds like an oxymoron right? I knew there had to be something that would work for me and after searching, I finally found it. has a wonderful product called a Life planner.  Have you heard of these?   If you haven't and you need to get yourself organized you have got to get one of these.

Each Lifeplanner is totally customized just for you.  They have lots of different cover designs to choose from or you can even add pictures of your family to your cover.  I decided I wanted something fun and neutral so I chose a gray and white print.  

What I really loved about this planner is that you have tons of room to literally plan out your life on a day to day basis.  I needed room to write... a lot of room.  I don't know what your calendar looks like, but it is not out of the ordinary to have 3, 4, 5, 6 different things going on in one day.  Well, how the heck are you suppose to write all of that on one little square?  And on the other hand, I didn't need a whole page for just one day.  This is the best of both worlds.  At the beginning of each month you are given a monthly view calendar, and then you are given a weekly view calendar.  The best part is that each day is broken up into morning, day and night.  You also have a goal and to do area for each week.  Great way to keep you organized and focused on what you need to get done.
Of course you have a note taking area, and a little plastic pocket to keep your pen, receipts, business cards, etc.  Plus you get some lovely stickers to use for birthdays, doctor appointments, no school, etc. 


One of the ways I keep all the appointments organized is by color coding the planner.  Every member of the family has their own color marker that I use.  This really helps me see what's coming up for each person.  I also LOVE using Washi tape to highlight certain days or weeks at a time.  I got this one at Target in their office supply area.    

Goal: Organize my daily life... Completed!

A while back I posted about how I get bored pretty easily. Well it's happened again, only this time it's a good thing. I have started a new blog where I focus on my redo's, home decorating and crafts. If you follow me, I'd love for you to join me over at What in the Craft. I'll be posting some fun things for back to school in the next couple of days, so go and check it out. Hope you like it!
Wow, how did that happen? We only have 18 more days of school. That's crazy! I have to admit that I am a little ready to be without a crazy schedule for a while. For the moment we are in hyperdrive. Tons of things going on this month, and it's a little stressful. So I am trying to find some easy things to do for the teachers to show them how thankful we are for everything they have done for us all year. Having been a teacher, I tend to go a little overboard sometimes because I know what a hard job it is.

So here are some ideas for some little "thank you's" you can give your teachers. Easy and inexpensive.

We made these for our teachers last year. You can never have enough pencils in the classroom.

Super simple... a glass candle holder from Target, about 4 packs of pencils, and vinyl letters (I used my Cricut to cut it all out). A little advice... sharpen the pencils before you give your teacher the gift. She'll love you forever.

I actually made these for our teachers for Valentine's day this year.

I bought some cute little containers at HomeGoods. Some were plain white and I added some red x's and o's, and then I found some red and white ramekins and a white, heart shaped container. I used these as cupcake containers and baked red velvet cake in each one. I then iced them and packaged them with a spoon in a cellophane bag for each teacher. They loved it!!

Then there are those fun, and super cute duck tape pens that the kids are making. My girls wanted to try to make them, but in the end... it was I that made them. Every day they were coming home saying... so and so wants one and so and so wants one. Well, they teachers also thought they were cute. So these pens with those super cute note pad stacks from HobLob would be a cute little gift for those teachers who like a little bling.

I've got some other ideas brewing... just need the time to put them together. With only 18 more days left... I better get a move on.

We seriously had a hard weather week last week. We were iced in... and snowed in... and we really need to get out of here. Don't get me wrong, I love being at home, but seriously - we were going on our 4th day of being at home and not because we wanted to. We just weren't brave enough or maybe it's crazy enough to venture out on those crazy streets out there. Although the crazy was starting to set in at one point, and if we were forced to stay in another day we would have had to have found us a sled and some dogs somewhere.

I wish I could say I was super productive and cleaned my house from top to bottom and was just super crafty... but I wasn't. I spent WAY too much time on a little site called Facebook. Have you heard of it?? It's evil. Too bad Zuckerberg doesn't make money based on how much time people spend on Facebook, because he would be so much richer than he already is I tell you. (The Junie B. Jones hasn't worn off yet... sorry!)

Anyway, I figured that since I was at home I should at least attempt to do something creative. Hmm, what to do, what to do... when you can't run to Hobby Lobby because you might get stranded and the hubster would so not be happy about that.

Once again I was forced to use what I had on hand. I'm starting to realize that I have a lot on hand.

I used this...

and this...

and a template from this blog...

Then I used this...

and cut off this...

to make this...

and in the end I had made this....

I love it!! And it looks so pretty on my chair. I loved it so much that I had a little drawing on my FB page and gave one away. So now I'm thinking I need to make some more of these for other parts of my house...

I'm linked over at the Tip Junkie's Tip Me Tuesday party...
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