Okay, so i decided to try this one again. why, you ask? well, i'm just not a very vanilla type person. look at my house and it is full of color and i just didn't like not being able to have a fun blog with lots of color, fun backgrounds, lots of links and music. gotta have my music. plus, i had lots of people tell me they just couldn't get into my blog and they wanted to see pics and hear what was going on. so i decided we would go this route again. some changes, some updates, some upcoming color swaps, and some tunes. gotta love it.

so what has been going on lately? LOTS!!! get ready, cause this is going to be a long post. first, we are in count down mode once again till the end of the year and the girls couldn't be more excited. tori only has two more classes left and belle has a little less than two weeks. she can't wait. i have been stocking up on lots of craft supplies (got some great deals at Wallie's last week) to keep them busy, as well as making some great file folder activities to keep them up to par with what they learned during the year. i know, i know, i'm such a teacher. i've been doing some crafts which i gave my mom for mother's day (a plaque using vinyl lettering that said, "Home is where your MOM is", and some marble magnets with the mine and marie's girls' faces. Cute, cute!!! the girls made their memaw some stepping stones and they were so excited to get to decorate them. she loved them and now i'm thinking that i'm going to need some of these for my garden. as for my mother's day, it was nice and relaxing. we spent most of the day at home (i had lots of sewing to do for belle's brownie bridging ceremony), but we did go have a YUMMY dinner at, where else, the Banana Leaf. i seriously love that place. it doesn't matter what we order there, it is all great. and the best part... leftovers for tomorrow. alex and my girls gave me a beautiful rose and $$$ for me to do with what i want. that is always the best kind of gift. what did i do with it? i ordered myself a Wacom tablet to use with my computer. can't wait for it to get here. thank you so much my loves!!!

in other news, I GOT MY SCRAPBOOKING MOJO BACK!!!!! woohoo!!! i went on a scrapbooking retreat last week with some of my dear friends that i hadn't seen in too long. we got together and went down to my friend Ashley's parent's weekend home. we had the best time. lots of girl talk, lots of scrapbooking, lots of laughs, and waaaaayyyy too little sleep. literally, i think i slept about 7 hours all weekend. but believe me it was all worth it. i got 12 layouts done. now i just need to finish up the journaling on them. i'll be posting them soon. speaking of Ashley, please say a little prayer for her. i found out this evening that she was involved in a car accident this weekend, that ended her up in the hospital. she was injured but was able to go home. the ironic part of this incident is that it occurred in almost the EXACT same spot that her husband's accident occurred two years ago. Neil was very seriously hurt, and understandably that spot holds very bad memories for them. So please say a little prayer for her.

on a lighter note, i got quite a surprise when i came home from my weekend away. i pull up to the house and see my belle riding around on a bike WITHOUT training wheels. this is huge!!! i'm thinking, "Yeah!!! daddy taught you how to ride your bike!!!" wrong... belle taught herself how to ride the bike in about 15 minutes. i'm convinced she just has really good balance. she did great with roller blades, a razor scooter, and now the bike. although good balance apparently has nothing to do with being clumsy. she is seriously accident prone (during field day last week, she could have been the poster child for Band Aid brand bandaids). anyway, alex said that he sort of felt cheated. he had been thinking of his plan as to how he was going to teach her. oh well. there is alway tori.

we have definitely been enjoying the beautiful weather here and apparently the drought of 2006 has come to an end. spring is in full swing with cool temps, lots of rain, and spring storms. we got a whopper of a storm a couple of weeks ago that left quite a bit of damage in the area. lots of trees and fences down, and a couple of traumatized little ones. the storm hit us full force with winds over 100 miles per hour. we lost power for about 14 hours, and ended up with a big mess after all was said and done. luckily our house came out unscathed, but every time we see clouds coming, belle asks what kind of storm is coming. poor baby.

i have lots of projects in the works, and my friend Rainie and I now have a local vinyl contact. lots of ideas swirling in my head. i'll update you as we start working on them.

so tomorrow is a very special day. exactly 36 years ago tomorrow the world changed for the better. a baby boy was born who would one day grow up to be a fabulous husband, great friend, hilarious jokester, devoted son and brother, and wonderful father. 36 years ago tomorrow, my fate was sealed. it was fate that i would marry this man, and that we would have two beautiful daughters, and that after 15 years together we would still laugh and play, and love each other like we did in the beginning. happy birthday baby. we love you so much and we thank God everyday for blessing us with such a wonderful man to call husband and daddy.

i'm done for tonight. have a great week and i'll update pics later.

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  1. Yea!! You're a blogger girl now. I can't wait. It's not like it's so difficult to use a password, this just makes it easier to visit you. I do love your page and the tunes!

  2. Celeste Says:

    OK, so not sure what was wrong with the other site... but whatever. Is there supposed to be a video playing?? It didn't play for me.... oh well, maybe it's this new computer. I still haven't really figured out all of the stuff on it. Talk to you soon!