i have been running around the last few weeks, but it has been great. we had a really nice holiday, except for Belle and Alex getting sick, but at least we were all together. We finally took all the Christmas decorations down and put them up in the attic yesterday. I love, love, love decorating for Christmas. I think that is my holiday, but I really like the feel of the clean house after putting everything away in January. Even if the house isn't clean, you have the illusion of a clean house simply because you don't have all the clutter anymore. Now that all is put neatly back in it's place, I have the overwhelming urge to organize and purge. so i have decided that anything that has not been used in the last year is outta here. we simply don't have room for all the crap that has accumulated in our house. I went through the girl's playroom on Sunday and got rid of lots of puzzles, books, toys, etc that simply wasn't being used. Then yesterday I cleared out and organized the closet in the media room. Next on my list is the craft room... eeeeek!!! I figure one to two rooms per week and I should be done in the next month or so.

I have so much to blog about... pre Christmas parties, Santa visits, family visits, movies, shows, blah, blah, blah... but for now, I need to go and make some dinner and pick up meds from the pharmacy. Oh, yeah Belle is sick again. Asthma... but i guess I can't complain since this is really only the second time she has had it in the last year. That is progress. Still, it kills me for her to be sick. Anyway, I'm off to get stuff done.

Talk to you soon and have a great evening.

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