Little things make me happy. Yummy smelling candles, blingy jeans, Sonic ice, my kids putting their dishes in the sink. Really it's the simple things... and I do love me some easy to do crafts. So I thought I would put up a tutorial for those who want to make their own tassels so you could see they are really pretty stinkin' easy to make.

First, you need an ornament with a flat base. Really... it doesn't even have to be an ornament. It could be a small snow globe, a cute knob, just as long as it's flat on the bottom. So for this tutorial, I went to Target to find this super cute Santa that my friend Julianne used for her tassel.

and you need one of these little wood things... they are called candle cups, although really I've never seen these used for candles.

You glue the candle cup to the bottom of your ornament.

Next you find fun ribbon that coordinates with your ornament. If you're like me, you have lots and lots and lots of ribbon (don't tell my husband). So find yourself some cute ribbon and start making loops. I can't really give you a length since really it depends on your personal preference how puffy you want them.

Then you start hot gluing them to the candle cup in rows starting from the bottom and working your way toward the ornament.

Then you just continue to layer the ribbons until you make it to the top of the candle cup.

Once you're done with that, then you add some kind of trim or a fun boa to cover up the ends of the ribbon... and it makes it super fun too. You can also add some to the inside of the candle cup just to finish it off. You could also add cut ribbon or fringe to the bottom to lengthen it.

And voila! You're done and you have a fun, cute and unique tassel. These would make cute gifts don't you think??

Make sure you send me photos of what you create. I'd love to see them!

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4 Responses
  1. Marie Says:

    this is the best tassel tutorial i've seen! thanks!

  2. I'm soooooo happy you did exactly this post! I have almost the same santa ( a vintage salt shaker) and almost exact ribbons... Have been wanting to make one like this. I'm just craft challenged without a great source to copy! ;-) THANK YOU for a great tutorial and Merry Christmas!

  3. Very cute! I like the fuzzy incorporated with the ribbon. Great idea!

    I'll be following now...found you through the Tatertots and Jello.

    Denise :)

  4. BPOTW Says:

    Clever, indeed! This is an idea I would have never thought of myself!