so today was tori's last day of school, and she was so sad. at first i thought she would be glad to be off, but she kept telling me that she still wanted to go and see her friends and sing with her music teacher and do crafts with her teacher. my poor little one. she finally gets going and then we pull the rug out from under her.

as for my belle, well tomorrow will be a sick one for her. she has been out of sorts the past couple of days, and running a bit of a fever. so when i picked her up today she was really determined to convince me that she was feeling better, however i know her better. a quick check of her temperature proved me right and it was off to the doctor (which by the way, how frustrating is it that when you call the doctor's office at 3:30 pm on a THURSDAY and get a message that the office is closed until MONDAY morning? seriously people, do they not know that most kids get sick right before the weekend?) so off we go to see the coverage doctor, and a swab of a very red throat. the diagnosis... viral infection... DARN no meds. we have to just wait it out until the darn things passes. poor belle, she was so upset when i told her she would be staying home tomorrow. not even a promise of a slumber party complete with A Night at the Museum, popcorn, and cuddles could make her feel better. the worst part, she is missing a birthday party tomorrow.

on a totally different note... tonight's Grey's Anatomy. OH..MY..GRAVY.. (as Rainie would say)!!! if you haven't seen it yet stop reading NOW and jump to the last paragraph. I can't believe that George failed!!! and that Burke left Christina!!! and that it was the chief's baby!!! and that that is Meredith's sister!!! i hate the end of the season. you just know that now there is going to be all this tension between mcdreamy and the sister and animosity between meredith and the sister. and, and, and... i hate the end of the season.

okay, now that that is off my chest, i am off to get some zzzzz's. wow, maybe i'll get to sleep a little tomorrow morning since i don't have to get up to take anyone to school. woohoo!!! a little preview of future summer sleepins.

have a great night
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