don't you hate it when you have a lovely typed out poem, letter, blog entry and your computer locks up on you and you lose EVERYTHING???!!!!! so i had this whole entry typed and ready to post and now it is lost somewhere in my computer or cyberspace or whatever. ANYWAY, it is getting late and i really don't feel like typing it all over again, soooooo I will just post my pics and leave the explanation for another day. K? K!

so i just finished making this board book for tori's teacher. she has been so great this year and helped us with tori tremendously. it was so hard for me at the beginning of the year getting tori to be excited about school. she cried everytime she had to go, and it broke my heart walking away from the classroom and hearing her scream and cry. Teri said it would get better and it has. tori loves school now. she has made friends, gone to birthday parties, and just grown so much in the last 9 months. it is truly amazing.

here is also a pic of my belle at her bridging ceremony from Daisies to Brownies.
there is a whole story to this also, but as i said... *%($*&*^)(*(%(... anyway, that will be in my next post.

and finally, in honor of my hubbies 36th birthday, my ever talented sister in love created this amazing birthday card. anyone who knows alex knows what a superman fanatic he is. so here is what she created for him. how cute is this...

okay, i'm done for the night. oh and by the way, i see lots and lots of people lurking, but no one is commenting. i'm not feeling the love people. show me the love... he, he, he!!!

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  1. Celeste Says:

    That is such a cool card!! OK, and I love that book you made for Tori's teacher. Crafty, I say, just plain crafty you are!!! Still can't figure out how to see that video, or hear the music.... maybe one day over the summer it will come to me, after all there are only 6 days of school left, and boy am I READY!!! You have no idea! Talk to you soon!!

  2. That book is just so super darling. I love it!!! It looks like it was a lot of time. That will definately be Tori's teachers favorite ever gift she receives. I'm getting your video and I love it.

  3. Claire Says:
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  4. Claire Says:

    So you know Bella has half of the class convinced that her dad is the real Superman!