wow two posts in one day... who'd of thunk it. okay i said i felt a creative bug, so here is what i made. well, for mother's day alex and the girls gave me some money to do with what i pleased. so after lots of thinking, i decided to get myself a Wacom tablet for my computer. it does some really cool stuff, like allowing you to draw images directly onto the computer. so here it is my first crack at the tablet.

i'm pretty happy with the way it came out. the coolest part is that i can make different types of hair, outfits, accesories, and make personalized notepads, cards, luggage tags, etc. i am getting excited about this. what do you think?

okay, gotta go make dinner.

2 Responses
  1. Celeste Says:

    So it's a happy day because now that you changed your video, I can see it. I guess my computer just didn't like that other site.... I went allllll the way over to the apple store just to pull it up and it work perfectly!! FIGURES! haha

  2. I love your creation. I didn't even think of luggage tags, how cute is that? I can't wait to see all of the doodles you come up with.