so we are in our final days of school, and i have to say i am really looking foward to having my girls home with me. there have so many things keeping me busy, school activities, preparing gifts and meals for the teachers, birthday parties, etc. so it will be nice to have things slow down for a while.

belle had her end of the year party this week and had such a fun time. the party planners did such a good job with the games, some of which, i have to admit i will be stealing for future parties. seriously hilarious to watch the kids play some of these games. lots of water games, they ate lots of goodies, just overall had a great time.

as for me, i am just about done with a magnet board for belle's teacher. it came out so cute. i'm thinking i just may have to make one for myself. the best part is basically you can put any saying you want on it. what do you think? i also have several sayings i had printed out on vinyl that i am going to be putting up. looks like i need to make a home "beepo" run to get some wood.

one project down, and lots more on the list. maybe i'll finish some of my infamous unfinished projects.

oh, and my find for the week. so after the class party i headed over to the dollar store to find the water soakers that they used at the party (big tubes which you pull the handle out to fill up with water and then voila... soak your friends. way fun!!!) so i walk in and seriously find the best stuff for summer. i'm always on the lookout for fun, cheap, summer fun stuff that the kids can play with outside. well they have a ton of stuff. i thought that would be a good gift to give to a child... a bucket filled with lots of outdoor fun stuff. and cheap to boot.

okay, so now that basically all my immediate projects are done, looks like i can get to some of my house stuff. fun, fun!!!

okay, gotta go.

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