just a little "hello" from alex... this will be his fashion statement for about the next six weeks. he is still trying to figure out a way to lift weights, grout the floor, and do some other household chores without using his right hand. even when he is really hurt, he just can't seems to sit still. he has been getting a bit of cabin fever, and has been wanting to get out of the house, which is really a first for him. we have been taking really good care of him and the girls are adding in some extra prayers any chance they get for daddy's "coco".

as for me, i'm trying to get some stuff done. i haven't been able to get my painting done this week, because of the obvious, so i am hoping to tackle that in the next few days. i'm also trying to get back into my couponing. i've slacked off the last few months, but after seeing how expensive our grocery bills have been, i figured i better get to clipping again. it is fun to see what a great deal i can get when i go to the groceries, and truth be told, it seriously kills me to buy some stuff that i have gotten for virtually nothing in the past. also on the agenda, clean out the closets. get rid of CRAP that we clearly don't need, want or use. i feel the need to purge and just organize. although i should have a garage sale to get rid of everything, i think i may just donate stuff. it is so much easier.

this week we will be celebrating our 10 Year wedding anniversary. amazing that it has already been 10 years. not quite sure what we will be doing yet, but i will definitely be preparing a yummy meal for my fabulous, loving, and injured hubby.

okay, i'm off to work on my "new" blog banner. i had it all finished last night and then BAM, the power went off for a split second and it was all gone. DARN i hate it when that happens.

have a good night.
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