so i just want to thank you all for the prayers in advance. i really think it helped tremendously. so alex went in for surgery this afternoon. he wasn't so happy about it, especially about being put under completely, but in the end he was happy with the outcome. the surgery only took about an hour, and the surgeon said that his finger wasn't too bad. they were able to put a pin in and use the skin flap that alex almost completely amputated. the doctor is hopeful that the skin will begin to take and said that the most they would have to do in the future is a skin graft. so that is what we had hoped for. of course as soon as alex came to after the surgery, he began unwrapping the bandages from his hand so that he could see what the outcome was. needless to say, he was extremely happy that he wasn't in the Spider Man pose, and is merely "flipping off" the world for a few weeks. he had all the nurses and even the anesthesiologist laughing their tails off with his wise cracks and stories while we were waiting to go into surgery. he was definitely in good spirits.

after coming home from the hospital, he was in quite a bit of pain, but the doctor gave him some REALLY good pain pills. right now he is sound asleep and feeling no pain. Thank goodness!!! i was worried that we would be going through a replay of Sunday night. so now i am off to watch one of my DVR shows and off to bed early. thanks again for all the calls and prayers. we love you all.

by the way, check out my favorite tunes (right in the side bar) that i have on my ipod. some great tunes, most of which are from Grey's Anatomy. can't wait for the new season. they always have such great tunes.

okay, have a great night.
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