we celebrated our 10 year anniversary this week... wow 10 years!!! it's amazing how fast time flies. alex got off early so we could go have a yummy dinner at our favorite restaurant Banana Leaf.
It is seriously the best Thai food ever. Our favorites are the cream cheese rolls and Crunchy spring rolls. mmmmm, my mouth waters just thinking about it. it was great and the girls really enjoy it too. they are getting way to spoiled. bella will ask me," Mom can we go eat at Banana Leaf or Pei Wei?" What happened to McD's and Chick fil a???

anyway, here is a pic of our anniversary outing.

It finally stopped raining here, and it is freaking hot and humid. lots of mosquitos also. OFF is my new best friend. I don't even want to step outside cause those little suckers just buzz on in. poor tori has taken the brunt of their bites too. she has such sensitive skin that a bite turns into this huge bump. hopefully it is cooler where you are...

Okay, off to bathe the girls. have a good evening.
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  1. Liz Says:

    woo-hoo! 10 years AWESOME! I've got to try the Banana Leaf soon!

    Canton here we come!!!!