i have a bazillion projects that i am trying to finish. paint, paint, paint, crafts, crafts, crafts. went fabric shopping with my friend Pippin yesterday for her girls rooms. I love putting fabrics together. i found the yummiest fabric for my powder bathroom. i had seen it before and for some reason never thought about it for the bathroom. can't wait to put it up. i'll post pictures. today, i am off to finish my room... FINALLY. it will be nice to have things finished up before starting a new project. after that, which means in a couple of weeks, is the kitchen cabinets.

mom is coming in this weekend for tori's bday, and will be here for a week. so excited. it will be good to have her here especially since alex will be out a few days next week. he is off to Dover, DE to be wined and dined. the word is that they want him for that sector, which would mean a move. I really hope not. we totally support him and would move if we needed to, but he honestly doesn't want to and it would have to be a PHENOMINAL offer to make us leave our home and house. in my gutt, i feel like nothing will become of it, but you never know. wait and see and leave it in God's hands.

okay, i'm off to paint. have a great day.


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  1. It's been so long.. In case my vote counts I wouldn't support the DE move:( I'm going with your gutt instinct that nothing will come of it. I have to come and see the fabric and all these projects you're talking about!

  2. Liz Says:

    (chanting) no dover! (picture me picketing your front yard) hell no we won't go...


    it's pretty much in god's hands so i'll be having a serious talk with him...

    luv ya!