so my mom has been in town this week and Marie and i have been sharing her. i'm sure my poor mom feels like a hobo going back and forth from house to house with a change of clothes in her little carry on bag. The girls, of course, are quick to ask why Memaw isn't staying with us today, and why she keeps going back and forth. Tori insists that Memaw is "taking for longer" (a.k.a. is taking to long) to come back to our house. we have been having all girl lunches all week and have eaten some yummy food. We went to Which Wich, which by the way, if you haven't been there it is FABULOUS!!! you will never eat Subway or Quiznos again. fortunately they are building more in the area so they won't be so far to get to. we also ate at La Hacienda Ranch and had some yummy flautitas. a little taste of home. when we came out the girls spotted the required horses at the entrance and as a result "needed" to have a ride. this, I have to admit, was $1.00 well spent. those rides lasted forever, and they were well entertained for a while. i kept thinking to myself, if these ponies were all over the place, we would have some good, cheap entertainment. It is amazing how the smallest of things can still entertain my little ones. Thank goodness.

In other news, we took in a movie while my mom was in town. yes, alex and i actually had a movie night, unfortunately the movie we chose was a let down. we went to see Ocean's Thirteen, and I am totally bummed that it wasn't a better flick. I loved, loved, loved the first one and really hoped that this one would be a better one than the second one, which sucked. Well it was to be. Just to paint a picture, i literally fell asleep for about 5 minutes during the movie. enough said.

okay, i am off to work on some more projects. i'll post some pics of the creations later.

have a good day.
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  1. Celeste Says:

    GOOD GOSH!! Tori is such a HAM in that picture with your mom!!