My Dearest Tori,

It is amazing to think that you have been with us for four years already. Four years of beautiful moments, funny sayings, the best hugs, and lots and lots of kisses. After having gone through not one but two labors with you, I was sure that you would be one who would take her time and do things at her own pace. To some extent I was right, but boy do you know how to make an entrance. Then, as you do now, you enter ready to play and explore with a smile and a twinkle in your eye. You, my little one, are the bright star in our home. You have such a beautiful heart and easy demeanor that everyone around you just smiles when you are near. Being the little one in the family, you have definitely perfected your "baby" title and definitely use it to your advantage. You are so lucky that your sister is such a "big sister" and picks up your messes, protects you and inevitable lets you play the "baby" whenever you play. You know how to use your little rolled lip pout to just melt those around you and get what you want. That's our Tori. You want to be big, but just a little bit.

These last four years have been some of the best of my life, and being your mommy is one of the greatest things I've ever done. It is amazing that even though I am your mommy and it is my job to lift you up when you fall, you my little one, lift me up when I am down as well. A simple smile, hug or kiss from you seems to make it all better and the things that may preoccupy my thoughts suddenly don't seem like such a big deal. Instead, I choose to listen from around the corner to you play pretend, or talk to your sister about whatever you are playing, or simply sing your favorite Mermaid songs. I know that I must take a mental snapshot of these moments because all too soon you will be off, all grown and no longer my little four year old baby.

I love you my Tori, and we are so proud to be your parents.

happy birthday!!!

With all my heart and love,
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  1. Ilove how you do these letters to your kids. They will cherish them forever. I wonder if my mom had anything that great to say about me when I was four?