this is my song, just couldn't stop laughing when I heard it the first time. I found myself saying,"I've said that, I've said that, I've said that." Just like Aly McBeal had her theme songs. Love it.

on the homefront, LOTS of projects. keeping myself super busy. I am totally getting into decorating for the fall, and I found some cute, cute fall/halloween decorations in McKinney Square. Love all the little shops there. Now if we could have some cool temps we would be all set.

The girls are good, but as always, with the change of seasons comes the "sickies". Tori has been out of sorts the last few days, and after a quick dr. visit, we are on a prescription cough medicine. I am hoping that will take care of it. Belle has been asthma free for about a year now (knock on wood) which for her is huge. So i am hoping that that streak continues.

Okay, I am off to make an early dinner for my family. Carne empanizada, rice and beans ... a good Mexican dinner. Then hopefully a movie night tonight. Has anyone seen All the President's Men? That is on the agenda. Hope fall is inspiring you. I'll update all on my mom's Paris trip tomorrow.

Have a great evening.
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