so we have been having a hard time going to school lately. my little one has figured out that if she complains that her stomach hurts, she could possibly get out of going to school. so every morning she starts to complain in the case that she actually does have to go. on the off days, once she realizes that she doesn't have to go, she makes a miraculous recovery. pretty sneaky. our school mornings are filled with drama, drama, drama. everything from stomach ache, to head hurting, to just plain don't wanna go. fun, fun, huh??? so yesterday, I managed to talk her down from her rant about not wanting to go, and finally got her excited because she was going to be able to take her Ariel doll for show and tell. (pretty genius actually). well she did really well all the way there, until we pull into the parking lot, then the faucets started leaking. while i was getting her out of her seat, she tells me,"I don't know about this mama." very matter of fact. i couldn't help but laugh. that is her lately. she just says the funniest things and really doesn't know why we are laughing.

case in point: this morning we are driving to my friend's house and there were bunches of hot air balloons aloft. really a beautiful sight to wake up to. so we start talking about our trip last year to Albuquerque, which was the last time we saw balloons. then she tells me, "mama, i want to go back to apple cookie." HUH??? Where??? "Apple cookie." Me..."Do you mean Albuquerque??? Tori..."yes mama that is what I said." never a dull moment.

okay, i am off to start dinner. have a great evening.
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  1. Celeste Says:

    SO... When are you bringing her back to "Apple Cookie?!" hahaha!!! gotta LOVE that kid!