alex has been working so much lately, that the weekends kind of come and go and we don't really have the chance to enjoy them. so today we decided that we were going to have a family afternoon. we got up early and went to church, alex got some work out of the way, and then we were off for an afternoon of golf and go carts. this was the first time the girls had ever played miniature golfs and yeeeeaaaarrrrssss since alex and i had been out there. it was so fun. the girls totally loved it and bella, alex and i even got holes in one. my tori was a determined little golfer. whether it took her three strokes or twenty, by God she was going to get that little ball in that tiny hole. at one point it looked like she was vacuuming with the putter as she dragged the ball across the green. they had such a blast.

we then decided to take them on the go carts. we hadn't been on go carts since we were dating, so this was a total flash back. belle got to go with me and tori went with her daddy. by the way, alex is a total competitor. the heck with waiting for me, he was too into beating everyone else. later he mentioned to me that he got carried away, and that next time he will stay back so that he can just enjoy watching the girls' reactions.

so we're done, exhausted and the girls are ready for bed. one BIG problem... alex couldn't find his phone. no this is a MAJOR problem since this phone right now is basically his life line with work. i'm calling it, and calling it. hoping that we will hear it ring somewhere... but no, no ringing. so we make the trek back to the miniature golf place and go hunting for the phone. LUCKILY we find it at the go carts. of course, I, have to totally rub it in that alex, not I, was the first one to lose his phone. I'm the one who is totally scatter brained, and yet I haven't lost my phone yet. Just had to get that one in there.

okay, i'm off to watch brothers and sisters. love that show.

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