so after last years cry fest, it was "so awesome" like tori says, to see her enjoy herself at her LITTLE OLYMPICS, and not CRY!!! seriously, last year was nothing but tears the entire time. i didn't know what to expect since we had had a rough transition at the beginning of this year, but she did awesome. she participated like a champ and had a smile on her face the whole time. when all was said and done, the first words out of her mouth were,"Mom that was awesome... and did you see, I didn't even cry???" thank goodness for that.

she even got an unexpected surprise guest... her sister who should have been at school but was out "sickie". my belle, my belle. she had been feeling out of sorts, and came home the night before not feeling well. well that turned into a fever which just wouldn't go away. after a dr. visit and lots of drama involving a strep test, blood test and urine test, we found NOTHING!!! so frustrating when that happens. the doctor did do a good job of giving me something to stop my heart a bit. after running the blood test he comes back and tells me that her platelets are low. WHAT!!!! DOES!!! THAT !!!! MEAN!!!! you have to understand that i read my share of blogs, some of which involve some people who have gone through some unfortunate health situations. having worked in the medical environment while i was in college, I was exposed to way too much medical information for my own good. so when I hear things like "low platelets", my mind starts going a hundred and fifty miles an hour. needless to say, i prayed and prayed and prayed all weekend, that her platelets would go up by Monday. Luckily, it was a virus that was causing it and all is good now. But how frustrating is it that a virus could do something like that????

Okay, I am off to make dinner for the little ones.

Have a good evening.
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