we have just been the bearers of sickness lately. after we all beat the stomach thing, alex relapsed and lost his voice again, and tori started running a fever, coughing, sneezing, etc. so she is on antibiotics and finally on her way to feeling better. maybe now we can start enjoying this Christmas season. our house is halfway done as far as the decorating goes, but it is looking so festive, and it looks like temps will be perfect this weekend so maybe we can hang our lights outside. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

shopping is almost done, and now i just have to plan tori's class Christmas party (why did I choose this holiday to plan???) and get some crafts and baking done for the holidays. i'm thinking that i need some new cookie recipes. any ideas??? tori asked me today if Santa likes cookies or brownies or cake. unfortunately he likes them all. i hope she doesn't plan on us making all of them for him. oh, speaking of the big guy, a friend of mine forwarded this link to me where the little ones can email Santa directly and get a response back. way cool site.

okay, so i was looking through the t.v. guide so i could figure out what to dvr for the next few weeks, and i find it so frustrating that everything is reruns already. this darn writer's strike has ruined the season for some of my favorite shows. seriously, give them their money already. the stations are going to start suffering as far as their sponsors go. so annoyed. and while i'm, on this little rant, i have decided that this season was officially the last of my watching the Bachelor. how ridiculous is it that this guy goes through the motions for who knows how many weeks, and acts like he is going to propose (literally went and bought the ring), then sends both girls home packing. and the most ridiculous part of the whole thing is that one of the girls said she was hoping that he would change his mind and still want her a few months later. SERIOUSLY!!!! girl get a clue. so ABC has messed up yet again and i am done with this show.

so yesterday i was talking with my sister and the topic of the Golden Compass came up. She asked if i had heard about the movie, and then told me about the writer of the trilogy. here is a link to the whole story. Golden Compass Story Read for yourself, but from what i hear, it definitely is not a children's movie, although it is portrayed as such. apparently it is very gory and bloody... not at all for kids. how frustrating is it that movie companies are so interested in making movies, that they jeopardize the children who are going to see it. this will definitely be one which will be banned from our house.

okay, i am off to get some laundry done.

have a good evening.
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  1. Celeste Says:

    SO... i was reading that link that you have.... maybe not the best source of information for you. The Golden Compass is not really promoting Atheism or Anti-Catholic as some would believe. It is not however, a good story for small children, I will agree with your there. It is a GREAT story for older kids, like 4th & 5th graders and maybe a few grades higher. It is actually a good book. read this... it might give you a broader picture....