miracle of miracles, my girls actually went to see Santa and... wait for it... sat on his lap and didn't freak out. there may be hope for Disney World yet. there was a little apprehension on tori's part at first, but she pulled it off and even gave us a pretty convincing smile. way proud of them for this. Belle really got to enjoy the experience since she got to invite a friend to go with her. we had a good time all together. had some dinner, rode the carousel, window shopped and stood in line for 1 HOUR and 15 MINUTES to see the fat man. talk about a beating, but in the end it was all worth it. Add to it the coronary they both gave the man when they changed their list and somehow added new bikes... huh???? maybe that will be on next year's list.

i've been totally busy finishing stuff up before the holiday. i am all set to bake tomorrow. alex gets to stay home with us which will be nice since he has been working these hellish hours. Belle is particularly excited since that means daddy gets to take her to school. i'm excited since that means i don't have to get up and run around like a chicken with my head cut off in the morning. aaahhhh!!! glory!!!

in other news, i think we may be in the market for a Wii. I am in convincing mode with alex and really hoping he sees the light. i am all registered at Wii Alert, and just waiting for my phone to buzz me that there are some available. let's hope he thinks it is a good idea.

okay, so i just have to vent a bit... so i got my feelings completely hurt, and i got to the point of being completely pissed off a couple of days ago. someone who i had been talking quite a bit with and helping out, just completely stabbed me in the back. The thing about it is, I blame myself for it, because I should know better. This person has done this in the past, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and just chalked it up to a bad situation. Then it happens again. if there is one thing that i can't handle it is someone who talks to me completely straight faced and kind, and then turns around and bad mouths me or my family. i have no patience or tolerance for that. basically at that point i feel like i have wasted time and energy on something that is completely negative and my energy is too precious to be wasted on that. so what i am getting at is that I totally had a wake up call this week, and it hurt. a lot. did I take it personal? YES! Will i forgive this person? NO! Did I learn a lesson? YES! I attribute the ignorance in this case to age and lack of education. But the lesson learned is this... learn from past actions. A wolf fits well into the sheep's clothing and once he shows his true colors, you shouldn't go along with the charade in hopes that he will change his ways. a wolf is a wolf no matter what he wears.

i am off to rest a bit and veg out in front of the tv. i think i'll save the wrapping for another night.

have a good evening.
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  1. Celeste Says:

    WOW!! that is miracle of ALL miracles!! no wonder i woke up to snow in albuquerque! it was a pretty nervous smile, but hey, i'll take it!!