i feel like i can finally breathe now that the holidays are finally over. I really love the feel of the holidays, but it is so exhausting. this year it really seemed like the week before was non stop. party planning, running around getting last minute gifts, and helping out at school seemed to make up my week... which meant little time for cleaning my house and prepping for visitors. (I always think to myself how the whole cleaning thing goes. Clean to make the house look nice for the visitors, and then a day into it, you can't even tell it was clean. So to clean or not to clean? Or how much should I clean to get ready for it? ) Anyway here are a few pics of the little ones at their respective parties.

We're gearing up for the big Cowboy game tomorrow, and i have the worst feeling that they are going to bite it hard. (Let's hope that this prediction is totally and completely false.) But I have to admit that every time I see that girlfriend of his, I have this uncontrollable feeling of, well, lets just say I really don't like her... AT ALL!!!! I keep telling Alex that she will be his down fall and that she is the root of all evil when it comes to Romo, but he insists that it is his finger. WHATEVER!!! Why is it that anytime a girl has "big girls", any wrong doings or faults are somehow overlooked. I just don't get the attraction. Anyway, I'll be saying a little prayer before the game in hopes that any black clouds she has brought with her will suddenly just dissipate and they will win big.

I was so excited to finally see a new Grey's this week, and they did not disappoint. I am foreseeing a new best friend relationship between Lexi and George, and I think that Meredith has finally screwed things up for good. What is her deal? SERIOUSLY!!! Who wouldn't completely melt when Derek is talking about building a home for them, or when is talking to Baily and trying to comfort her; telling her what a good mother she is and that people make mistakes. At this point, I am hoping that Derek and Rose get together. She seems more the type that will appreciate him. I have also been watching way too much Ghost Hunters. Alex says I am just scaring myself, but I can't seem to pull myself away from them. I know this will totally bite me in the butt the next time he has to go out of town and I am scared though.

Okay, I'm going to try a new dish tonight. Pozole is sort of what we Mexican's like to refer to as menudo, without the grossness of the tripe. If you don't know what tripe it, believe me you are better off not knowing. We have had a major craving for menudo since we went to EP for thanksgiving and we never got to have it, and the craving lingers. So my sister gave a recipe for it and I'm trying it out tonight. Alex said he doesn't think he is going to like it since he likes the tripe, which just means more for me. I really hope it turns out good.

Before I am done I have a question. What are your new years resolutions? I have 4 that I have decided on.
1. Keep a better budget. (i'm not so good at this, but I am really going to try to do better with this.)
2. Do a better job with house duties.
3. Exercise. (I think I will be joining Lifetime this month. Maybe that will get me in gear.)
4 (This one will remain unnamed... Kind of private)

So what are yours??? (Yes you stalkers out there who stop by and peek in even you. Let me know who you are. I have met some of you through mutual friends but I would love to hear from you too. And as for my family who emails instead of posting, you can post here too. It isn't that hard to do. I promise.

Okay, I am off to get ready. We are taking the girls to see MR. MAGORIUM's Wonder Imporium today. I have heard lots of cute things about it so we'll see.

Have a good Saturday.
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  1. The Nester Says:

    Girl, how do have such a lovely beautiful blog design! i am in awe! It reminds me of kim's on today's creative blog. so scrappy and fun and sassy and darlin'! Love it! Love your bookplate thingys.