yesterday started off being a really great day. the girls went off to school, I got a yummy skinny caramel latte to warm me up (it was like 29 degrees outside), and i went shopping with my friend Rainie on the square. all was good. we were on a mission. the mission, should I accept it, was to help her decorate her mantle and niche above her doorway. so we went in search of inspiration. for the niche, a chair, some old (or at least oldish) suitcases we could pile up, and maybe a lamp. for the mantle... um.... something fabulous. so fun!!! going to the square and shopping is like going back in time and visiting a long lost grandmother. you find all the knick knacks you remember growing up with. the lamp from the living room, the potato masher used for your favorite mashed potatoes, the little table in the corner of the family room you used to stick your favorite little dolls into. it is the chance to revisit old memories. we had so much fun spotting those little things and remembering. my favorite had to be those old dish towels that had the calendars printed on them. remember those??? anyway, we found a cute rocking chair, and then headed to Hobby Lobby to find the rest of the things needed. We found lots of things, but we unfortunately weren't prepared with 40% coupons, so Rainie would have to return. I had to get home anyway and pick up a long shopping list, which should have only taken a couple of minutes. you know that is not going to happen though when you suddenly hear a really loud CRASH as the garage door is going down. inside you know that can't be good. well, the short of it is that our spring and wires broke and the door came crashing down... not on the car, but nevertheless crashing down, which meant i was STUCK... with only 20 minutes until I had to pick up my little one. so, thanks to some very willing friends and some fast dialing, both little ones were picked up and delivered to our front door safe and sound (Thanks Rainie and Maret!!!) So luckily my husband came to my rescue and got my car out of the garage, and now i am in search of a new garage door. we had been planning to replace it anyway, and now we have the perfect reason to do so.

this is what i want, and with the addition of some shutters on the house to match I think it will look fabulous. what do you think?
so now to find the best deal for it. I'm sure it will make the backyard look real nice this summer.

okay, i'm off to make some dinner. oh, by the way, if you haven't checked out the new links to the right, check out the Nesting Place. She has some great ideas, and she is frugal like me. See if you get some ideas.