so part of the Catholic religion is the belief and reverence of saints. there are many. no really there are a lot. in fact there is pretty much a saint for anything you can think of. two of these saints have been called upon and prayed to for help. One REALLY answered the call, and the other... well not so much...YET!!!

the belief in St. Joseph, patron saint of homes, is that if you bury a statue of him, in your front yard while trying to sell your home, he will help it see faster. the key here is that you really have to believe in it. well, it absolutely is true. my sister did this and sold her house in one week. ONE WEEK people!!! with this housing market that is practically unheard of.

next we have St. Anthony, patron saint of lost things, or as my mother in love likes to call him "Don Cucofato" (i don't know where this comes from). Anyway, what we do, is when we have lost something and are in desperate search for it we pray to St. Anthony, and he typically finds it, or rather, helps us find it pretty quickly. Well... we are still looking, and waiting. Alex lost his keys, we think on Friday, and we can't find them anywhere. We think they are in the house, but can't find them anywhere. so our beloved Don Cucofato is tied up in a pretty red ribbon waiting to be released when our keys are found.

i think i need to pray to St. Pasqual, patron saint of cooks to help me figure out what to make for dinner tonight. any ideas???

Have a good evening.
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  1. Liz Says:

    amen! I BELIEVE!!! i'm going to dig up my st. joseph as soon as we close and keep him someplace safe. it really works!!!