so it is Thursday, and we are experiencing our second snow storm or the week. hello... it's March for crying out loud. does anyone think there is something off here??? not that it isn't beautiful outside. and these are no little snowflakes either. these are some big honkin snow flakes falling. i predict that school will be canceled tomorrow. (fingers crossed) how nice would it be to go out with the girls and play in the snow? but for now, we are happy in our warm house, sitting by the window, and watching the beautiful snow falling. Bella asked if they could go out right now, but it is actually pretty icy out there. so i think we'll wait for tomorrow.

in other news, i FINALLY got my Cricut. Everybody repeat after me.... WOOOHOOO!!!! and the major bonus is that i found a website where you can download a program that allows you to use the true type fonts from your computer and cut them out on your cricut. how awesome is that. now i don't have to buy the different $60 cartridges. So i am just thinking of all the awesome projects and scrap booking pages i'm going to do. i also went with my sisters in love to a scrapbook sale here and got some awesome stuff for cheap... CHEAP!!! paper, rub-ons, flowers, board books, great ideas for gifts.

okay, so i've been talking about the fact that i am totally scatter brained since i had my girls. well, we now have proof that it isn't just me. my cousin sent me this link. you have to watch this. it proves i'm not nuts. at least i know i'm not the only one who had gotten to the groceries and forgotten what i'm suppose to get. and i have to admit, i have walked away from the grocery store a few times without my groceries.

i have pictures of bella at her poetry reading (plus poems), and of tori at her open house this past weekend, but i need to go get dinner started. i'm hoping alex will get home soon before the streets get crazy.

have a good, safe, warm evening.
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  1. Celeste Says:

    YAY ME for diagnosing you and your lack of brain cells!! :) That's a very cool looking contraption, I must say. Maybe I can just e mail you all of my pictures and you can make a scrap book FOR me!! That is a FABULOUS idea!! I LOVE IT when I am brilliant!!