so this year I really wanted to girls to understand that Easter isn't about the hunt, and gifts from the bunny, but rather about reflecting on the true meaning of the season. we read books about what happened to Jesus leading up to Good Friday, and about his sacrifice for us. Our family has a tradition that on Good Friday, we stop what we are doing and pray at 3:00 PM,
the hour when Christ died on the cross. We were lucky enough to be with cousins, aunts and Abue this year for Good Friday as well as on Easter. Bella read from the bible about the Passion (in an appropriate form for children) and my nieces and nephews all read reflections. I later talked to the girls and asked them if they really understood why we prayed at that time and on that day. Tori was the first to speak up and told me that it was to pray for Jesus because he had to die. Then she told me, "Mama, I wish Easter didn't have to come, then Jesus wouldn't have had to have died." Ahh, the innocence of children.

So Easter Sunday, the girls awoke to find their Easter baskets and letters that the bunny had left for them. They of course got the requisite candies, gum, and tid bits. This year, they also got to go on a second egg hunt, both of which took place inside since the weather outside was so cold and yucky... hello people, it's spring. Anyway, the bunny had left them

5 eggs with clues that led them to the final present. They had a blast finding them, and the fact that Bella can read so well now, definitely helped facilitate the search.
after they followed all the clues, they finally found the loot in the guest bathroom. it was a little nerve racking making sure that what the bunny had left hidden for them wasn't found, especially since i was up in the middle of the night with Belle in that very bathroom while she was feeling sick. whew!...

so after Easter service we got together for a relaxing lunch and games with the family. no huge cooking extravaganza for us. the easier the better so that everyone can rest and enjoy.

okay, i'm off to get some laundry done. have a great afternoon.
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