so the girls were super busy this week with lots of outdoor play. they certainly kept their daddy company while he worked on my desk in the garage. during one of his breaks, bella came in and asked if he would, "please, please, please" make them a swing. he figured he would make them something quick and easy. well that ended up becoming a 3 model process.
his first prototype was something out of cartoons. we soon found out that in the real world it was neither stable or safe enough for a child. belle ended up falling off of it pretty quickly. then came the second one he made which was much more stable, but not in the best place. too many things for a child to hit or fall on. so in the end, he built them an awesome swing that sits right in the middle of the yard and hangs from this huge tree that is our main source of shade in the spring and summer. (not pictured) the girls absolutely loved it, and have been pretty much living outside on it ever since. I kept telling them that they had no idea how lucky they were that they had such an awesome daddy. i love to see how much alex adores them. they are totally spoiled when it comes to their daddy.

speaking of my desk, check out the desk my awesome hubby is almost done making me. it is huge and awesome and perfect for what i need. this is actually his first attempt at wood working and i have to say, he rocks at it. he is downstairs painting it as I type and I should have it in place by next weekend. Woohoo!!!

Oh and i forgot to mention it, but there is a little something different going on in the pictures. little Tori got a hair cut. actually, both girls got hair cuts, but tori's is the most was her first hair cut ever...EVER. she looks so cute and is constantly getting compliments about it. she loves to walk around flicking her hair back and forth, and her favorite part of the whole thing... no more pony tails.

Okay, i'm off to iron... uuuuugggghhhhh.

have a great afternoon.
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  1. Celeste Says:

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE my tori's hair!!! how is she dealing with having to brush & curl it every day? so i was wondering if i could hire out alex?? since i am going to be working on my backyard this summer he can help with that and build me one of those planing station thingies and while he's doing that you could decorate my house fabulously... and i would be.... chillin with my girls!! haha!!! sounds like a plan to me!!