so i finally have the chance to sit and blog about all the craziness that has been going on for the past couple of weeks. so fair warning, this is going to be a long
one. first of all, as i promised, here are bella's poems and some pictures from her Coffee House Poetry night. I helped her teacher set up for the evening, made a sign (thanks Loren), did some baking, and helped make the kids anthologies that the parents got to take home. So Bella got to read three of her poems that evening.
Valentine's Day
I love...
Mom's cookies
Best friends

I like school
fun Friday
Math is great
Best teacher
Going to recess
Word work
Beautiful poetry
Read to self
Best friends forever

Hairy dogs
Nice dogs
Mean dogs
I love stuffed dogs.
The hilarious part about her last poem is, in case you don't know her, she is absolutely terrified of dogs, so the last line was so funny to hear.

We also got to go to Tori's open house and see all her creations. she had been talking about what she was doing and how it was a BIG secret. it is so neat to see how they can do so much on their own now. when did that happen? although there are a couple of things i still wish she could do on her own. then maybe i could eat a complete meal without having to wipe a butt. (i know it is a little graphic, but SERIOUSLY... just one meal without that would be nice.) My favorite part of seeing her work was finding a drawing that she made of me. Look it even has all my curls. She was also so proud of her cinquain that she wrote all by herself. Maybe my girls will be writers when they grow up.

Mom also got to come in and visit us last week. she was hear to help Marie with the packing and moving, etc. I have been over helping my sister quite a bit this week getting her house in order. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. They painted their kitchen cabinets an oatmeal color and their family room built ins black, and really and truly, they look brand new. it is amazing what a coat of paint can do. they are so excited about the new house. Unfortunately now that gas is going way up, it is going to be costing me every time i go see her. even though we are in the same metroplex, we are still far enough away from each other that i went through a tank of gas in three days. THREE DAYS!!! i can't wait to have a car that doesn't go through a quarter of a tank just to go see my sister.

so alex is off for spring break, which means projects, projects, projects. the girls are super excited that he is off. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather stays nice so that we can enjoy some time outside while he is working on the garage.

okay, i'm off to do some laundry, and maybe even get some painting done.

have a great evening.
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