i remember when i was younger i had a certain idea about what kind of house i wanted. i would draw pictures of the house i would live in, and it always had the red brick (probably because that is what our house had when we were little) and it had a white picket fence in the front. our house growing up was kind of country-ish... not sure why that is since El Paso is certainly not country-ish in any way, shape or form. now i look back at that and wonder... WHY???

It is amazing how our styles and preferences change over the years. i guess i would best describe my style at this point as eclectic. when we bought our house 8 years ago i was very naive about what i wanted. i wish i had been exposed to more, so that i could have made a better choice about what i wanted in my house. i have seen some seriously beautiful houses in our area, and now i know really what i like. then i read lots of blogs... way more than i care to admit. the advantage to this is i have come across some incredibly crafty and inventive people who have great decorating ideas that do not require an interior decorator and in some cases don't even require sewing. at the moment, i am trying to figure out how to incorporate some of the ideas i've seen on the Nester's blog. her house looks so calming and comfortable. i also really like this blog. creative ways of making simple little things, interesting and fun. Then there is also this Southern Hospitality blog that has lots of fun ideas.

I am also trying to find some paint colors for future projects. i really like this cappuccino color from Restoration Hardware for the playroom, since I think I am done with the yellow in there. I have come to the realization that I am just not a yellow person. Although my bedroom is a shade of yellow, the color in the playroom just bothers me. i guess i just feel like my house doesn't flow with that color, so it needs to be changed. and i have also decided that the dreaded picture molding will need to be removed as well. I don't know who thought that that would be a good idea in there, but when it comes to hanging up decorations on the wall, you are quite limited when you have that stuff up on the walls. so down it will come. i also really love this color but i just don't think i can do a cool color in my house. there are too many warm colors here to sneak that one in.

as for my desk... my husband is turning out to be quite the carpenter. i am so excited about how it is turning out. now decisions, decisions... what color to paint it. i had originally planned on painting it white and then i saw this picture which is making me rethink the white thing. not that my desk will look anything like this, but i just figure since i have so much white in the room already, why not go with a black desk. but then i might need to change the color of my frames in my montage, and the shelves, etc. what do you think??? Bibi, I need your help here.

i better make my decision fast. He will probably be done with the desk this weekend. woohoo!!! can't wait.

have a great day.
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