i've been totally MIA these last few days, and busy, busy, busy with lots of projects and outings. i am finishing up the final details on my kitchen cabinets. i love how they turned out. i will post a picture tomorrow once i have all the handles back on them. i also made a cute little chalk board out of an old picture we used to have. it is super cute and whimsical. that is the theme of the new kitchen... WHIMSICAL. i love that word, don't you? There are cute little things that i did to the kitchen that just made it complete. Can't wait to show you.

i have also been taking a LOVE and LOGIC class every Tuesday, which takes up part of my free days, but it is totally worth it. Things in the house seem to be so much more peaceful these days. Especially bedtime. Our typical routine consisted of reading to the girls, doing breathing treatments, getting clothes ready for the next day, putting them to bed, and then... "i need water, i'm itchy, i need to go potty, Tori won't let me sleep, Bella's bothering me, blah, blah, blah." so one of the things that we learned from Love and Logic, is that you can't order someone to go to sleep on command. it takes kids a while to wind down just like it takes adults. so, you let them tire themselves out. now instead of "bedtime", we have "bedroom time." during this time they can do anything in their room that is quiet, but no electronics. Belle usually reads silently, or colors, and Tori usually plays on her own or colors. When they get sleepy, which is usually about 30 minutes after bedroom time starts, then they put themselves in bed, and they are out. The only stipulation to this is that they have to get up when the alarm goes off, no complaining, and make their beds, get dressed, and be ready for breakfast. If they can't get up, then they lose their bedroom time priviledge. Our evenings are so much easier now. no complaining, i'm not getting upset with them because they keep getting up, and they seem happier. i can't tell you how awesome it is to put them to bed and for us both to be happy and talk, rather than being frustrated.

we have learned so much in this class. i'm thinking i'll be posting regular tips in my posts to give you all some ideas.

okay, so i gotta go pack a lunch. have a great day.

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