alex and i are always teasing each other about things. our family says that we remind them of the Costanza's from Seinfeld. one of the things we tease each other about is typing. he says i type slow and that he can type faster than i do... although he only uses two fingers to do it. so just to prove him wrong, i took a test... and guess what?64 words

Speed test

so there. i'm going to have him try it next and we'll see how he does.

speaking of my hubby, he is finishing up my desk as we speak. can't wait!!!

i am preparing to start a new project in our house. i will be tackling our dining room. here is my inspiration...

alex loves the look, so looks like i'll be getting started on this soon. What do you think??

okay, off to put away laundry. have a great day.
2 Responses
  1. Celeste Says:

    yeah, i pretty much suck... i can only type 31 wpm!! lol!! oh well... i think it's because i am so anal and have to look at the keyboard!! haha

  2. claire Says:

    ugh...only 49 wpm!