my new kitchen. i am so pleased with the way it turned out. i was a little taken aback by the color as i started to put it on the top cabinets, but once it was complete, i knew i loved it. I removed the cabinet door above the stove and used that space as a display shelf instead. it helps to break up some of the black. then on the long wall cabinet where the microwave and oven are, i decided to bring in some of the "whimsy" and bought "EAT" at Hobby Lobby (my favorite store). This really helps break up the black here. For another touch, i removed my plate rack and grape plates from the nook area, and replaced it with a chalkboard that i made out of an old picture that we didn't use anymore and chalkboard paint. Love it. All it needs is a black scroll on top, and it will be all done. This look may not be for everyone, but we love it.

so here is the BEFORE...

and here is the AFTER...

so there you go, a new look to our kitchen and nook. totally changed the look of this area. a little bold, but they say that black is the new beige.

have a great day.
5 Responses
  1. Celeste Says:

    PICK ME PICK ME!!! my house need some special TLC!! really, i think some wall color would do wonders for my house.... your mom made me a new shower curtain. did she tell you... i'm putting it up this week/end... sometime soon. i need the tissue thingie and all of that jazz and am looking for deals on that first. i'll e mail you some pics when my bedroom and bathroom is up and ready to go!!

  2. The Nester Says:

    You just added about $10,000 of value to your home! If you ever sell, the next woman will fall in love with your kitchen--if you don't sell, you get to enjoy it, perfect!

  3. emily Says:

    Ahhhh....What an improvement. I LOVE it! I saw your comment on my sisters blog and I just had to come peek. They look GREAT!

  4. I found you through The Nester too and wanted to say that your cabinets look fabulous! It was as if your house was craving that color. It fits so perfect. Wow, I wish I could paint mine, but I have green marble looking countertops and what do you do with that?!

  5. Kim Says:

    Oh - I love your cabinets!!! Black is the way to go!! I want to do the chalkboard thing soooo bad!!! I've got the frame and paint - I just can't find the spot for it!!