one of my favorite things to do is to find treasures at Goodwill stores, the Salvation Army and of course garage sales. so my sister and i went to a couple of places yesterday in search of a tacky 70's outfit for a party she's going to. well, I found this, which used to be a spice rack. So i soaked the bottles and removed the labels and got rid of the veggie corks, placed my colored buttons in it and VOILA, i have a button caddy. the basket that the jars are sitting in spins around. how cool is this.

I also found this cloche

which i am thinking i am going to do something like this, or this,or this with ...

i also found another frame for $1. two frames for $1.25 in 2 weeks. not bad. I am thinking i'm going to do something whimsical with these. i've got some ideas. my sister has also found some really cute stuff and i can't wait to see what she does with it all.

oh the pictures of the cloches above are courtesy of The Cottage Nest, The Feathered Nest, and My Cozy Home. Check them out. they have some great ideas.

okay, i'm off to put my little ones to bed.

have a great evening.
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