so this past weekend, belle's school had their annual garage sale. i decided that i was in need of some stuff for my craft room, so the girls and i went on a scavenger hunt. i had some pretty specific things in mind... frames (the larger the better - great for making chalk boards), bulletin boards, books for the girls, fun decorations that i could use for the kitchen. so in the end i found these...

i got the two bulletin boards with the harlequin pattern for $2.50 each. perfect for the craft room and i don't even need to paint them. i got the black fleur de lis (is that how it is spelled????) for $1. a cute little frame for something fun for $.25, and i also payed $.25 for the first set of Bob Books. Chaching!!! i also got a plate rack for $3 and Scrabble Jr. for $1. Alex couldn't believe that I paid just over $10 for all the stuff I brought home. So now I can't wait for Friday mornings when Tori and I can find some other treasures at the yard sales around here.

okay, off to read while the girls are in the tub playing.
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