i have this love hate relationship with spring. i love that you can start wearing some shorts and capris and short sleeve shirts and flip flops. i love that i can start planting flowers and working on the backyard (kind of another room to decorate... and you know i love decorating.) but i hate, hate, hate the storms. lately we have had a lot of severe storms which of course puts me on edge to begin with, but the worst are the ones that hit during the night. so last night we had some whoppers hit us. the minute the first thunder hit we heard two little sets of feet running to our bedroom. needless to say, we didn't sleep much after that. alex was on about six inches at one end of the bed and i was on about six inches at the other end. and the girls... well they dominated the rest of the king size bed. i kept having to straighten tori out and take her feet off of my head. then bella was smacking alex all night long and elbowing him in the back. so we waited and waited and waited for the darn storms to end, but they kept coming, and coming, and coming. well that alarm went off way too early in this house, and we were all pretty much exhausted this morning.

the bad news is that there are more coming today and tonight, so i am seriously seeing a nap in my immediate future since it looks like i won't be sleeping much again tonight. crap!!!

okay, i'm off to show Tori how to "replenish my energy" by doing some vacuuming for me. I'll explain that in the next post.

have a great day. hopefully yours is thunderstorm free.
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