so remember how i was saying that i hate spring? well here is proof as to why i hate it so much. lots of pictures, but they're pretty interesting so hope you enjoy.

We got slammed during the very early morning hours here, and all this damage took about 10 seconds to create. this was definitely the scariest storm we have gone through. we got into our designated tornado shelter in our house, and really just prayed for the best. alex was watching the radar on tv and suddenly said, "Oh my God, it's coming right at us." WHAT!!!! and suddenly the power went out and there was this horrible sound outside. You could hear things slamming against the house and then suddenly, it was calm. When we looked outside, it was black, pitch black. the lightening did give us a preview of what we were going to wake up to though... the first picture you see is the neighbors right across the street from us. the tree came within a foot from hitting their house. We came out relatively unscathed except for the debris which is littering our yard, but as you can see from the pictures it could have been much, much worse. needless to say, the girls kept asking me tonight if we were going to have another storm tonight. my poor little ones were so scared. as were we.

so far the National Weather Service has not yet determined whether or not a tornado did touch down in our area (i would seriously be surprised if it wasn't) but we do know that there was another tornado that touched down just south of the city and did some pretty good damage there as well.

so there you have it, concrete proof as to why i HATE, HATE, HATE the spring here.

hope your day started out better than ours did.

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  1. Liz Says:


    tee hee :)

  2. Celeste Says:

    GOOD GOD!!! that is sheer craziness!! glad all is well with you!