it feels like this weekend just flew by and I am sooo exhausted. we got to spend time with my mom, which was great, and we got to have fun with the family. my niece's birthday was on Saturday, and the temp was perfect for swimming. my sister recently bought a new house (woohoo!!! decorating opportunity), and the total bonus to the house is it has a pool. I just know we are going to spend lot of time over there this summer. the girls had a blast, and they were totally exhausted when all was said and done. they were both zombies all day yesterday. we were all kind of out of it. i could have totally gone for a long nap... BUT, HELLO!!! it was mother's day. i am not going to blow a good "special day" for a nap. so nope, i wanted to go to a movie. well, the choices were pretty slim as far as what the girls could go and see. so i opted for National Treasure. It was really good. then we had some time to kill. so what to do? what to do??? ...i know, lets go look at cars. so off we go to look at the Audi's. we are really liking the new Q7's We're trying to figure out what exactly we want to do with that. We both love it, but I am trying to justify the cost. Plus, I really want something with awesome gas mileage. Which is why i'm kind of looking at this also. Eos

I also really like this Solara also. So we'll see. I will be most likely getting something at the beginning of next year.
Alex threw out the idea of getting a smaller car with better gas mileage for me, and then he would get a truck with a crew cab for traveling and visitors. i really like this idea, since he really does need to get rid of his "melon" truck as the guys at work call it. We'll see. I am starting to look a little more seriously now. I would totally love this car...the new Volvo XC60 that comes out in 2009. I love this one. But no price or info on it yet. We'll see.

so anyway, after looking for a while, we were off to eat at, where else? Banana Leaf. YUM! YUM! YUM! The best part of the whole day though, was that my girls kept asking me,"Mama, are you having a good mother's day?" i love hearing their little voices, and watching their faces light up as i tell them that they are making it the best one ever.

then to finish my day off, i sat on the couch, while the house was completely quiet and i watched the Survivor Finale. OH, MY, GOODNESS!!! I loved that finale. I just think Ozzy is the cutest guy, and to hear him talk to Amanda the way he did, well, just loved it.

well, i am done updating for now. i am off to run some errands and to a PTA meeting. have a great day.

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  1. Rainie Says:

    You're going to look good in the new ride. I think I'm a mini-van mom forever, especially since the kids keep coming!