i feel like these last couple of weeks have just gone by in a blur. i have been busy, busy with projects, and events, and more projects, and dealing with the cable company over, and over, and over, and over again. I swear I hate our cable company, and guess what? Our problem still isn't fixed. there is just not enough time in the day for everything that needs to get done. a couple of weeks ago Bella's school had their talent show and Bella and her friends performed in it. They had been practicing for a few months, and the day finally arrived. They did great. One of her friend's sisters choreographed the dance for them to "FABULOUS" from High School Musical, and they truly did a fabulous job. Those little girls were really shaking it up there and being totally sassy. Oh, by the way, Belle is the second "U" in Fabulous. She is wearing the blue shirt near the end. Of course we had to have a little drama to top the evening off. So after the kids were done performing, there was a surprise performance by the teachers. They were dressed as KISS, complete with makeup. Well, the audience went nuts... it was hilarious. It took us back to high school, and everyone sang along. At the end of the performance it was a mad house as we tried to find our kids. Well the minute I got to Belle, she burst into tears. It turns out her and a couple of friends were completely freaked out by the performance. I stopped to think about it, and I guess for them to see these painted faces, which if you think about it are not so nice, is a little shocking. Anyway, by the next day they were all wanting to sing "I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night", and kept asking me, "Mom, was that music from when you were young?" UUUGGGHHH!!! I feel old. We were really glad that was over with.

Then I was trying to finish up a secret project which took me FOREVER because of our cable/internet issues (did I mention that I hate our cable company), and a book that we were making for Tori's teacher. Got that done the night before her preschool graduation. Well, actually it was more like early morning, since it was about 1:30 when i completed it. CHECK! Also had to put together gift buckets for the music teacher and classroom aide. Hmm, I wonder what I would have done if I had actually been the room mother this year??
Anyway, Tori's graduation was on Thursday, and she had a "reformance", as she calls it, of THE THREE PIGGY OPERA. Basically it is the Three Little Pigs told in musical form. She was the stick peddler, and she did great. She had been practicing for weeks, but she was real careful not to sing all her songs too loudly, because "it was a surprise." Looking up at her performing, i kept thinking about how much she has grown since the first time I took her to school. I remember her crying and coming up with any excuse not to go to school. She would scream every time I left her, and now, she was upset because she wouldn't be going back to that school. So here she is, our little graduate. Oh, and you might notice a bandage on her pinky finger... well, like father like daughter. She slammed the door on her finger Monday, and we had to take her to the after hours care center to have it checked out. It was pretty gross looking, and we were afraid that she had broken it. Luckily, all is well, and she just has to take care of it really well. After the initial freak out from seeing all the blood, and there was a lot, she calmed down and was totally brave while the dr. examined her. Anyway, she has a war wound to remember when she sees these pictures now.

And so finally, Bella has four more days of school until she is officially a second grader... WOW!!! This week will be full of activities, parties, awards assemblies, etc. Throw in some chiropractor visits for me to relieve my headaches, last minute shopping and packing for our trip, house cleaning, and final projects for Bella's school, and I have a super packed week. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We are almost at the end. It will be nice not to have to wake up early, pack lunches, and keep an eye on the clock all the time. It will be nice to hang out, go to Marie's to go swimming, work on projects here at home, spend time with my girls.

Oh, I almost forgot... I have my new desk!!! Woohoo!!! Alex did an AMAZING job... surprise, surprise. He has never done any wood working before, and he made me this beautiful desk. I am so excited about it. Needless to say, I try to spend time in my studio as much as I can. I'll have to wait to post pictures until I have it all organized, but believe me, it is awesome.
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  1. Rainie Says:

    Yea!! We're so close to being done! You definately took on more then your fair share this year. Everyone knows your super-wonder, can do all mom!!