Aside from going to Magic Kingdom, we took the girls to Epcot, which in and of itself really does appeal more to adults than to kids. Granted, there are a couple of neat rides for them, but for the most part it is about the food, the countries, and the shows. Our main reason for going was to have lunch with the princesses. This, by far, was worth the entire trip. It is not cheap, in any way, shape, or form, but the look on the girl's faces when they saw each one of the princesses come out to greet them and take pictures with them was priceless.

We arrived at Epcot at about 11:00 AM and our lunch reservation wasn't until 2:30 PM. The girls were super anxious and wanted to get dressed in their princess dresses as soon as we got there. (Bella didn't have a dress when we got there because she had outgrown all of the ones we have at home. Luckily, my dad took us to this employee store where you can get lots, and lots, and lots of stuff for up to 90% off. So we found her a Cinderella dress for $15.00.) So they got dressed and the royal treatment began.

So as we were walking toward the different rides (Soarin', Turtle Talk with Crush, Nemo, etc.) that were appropriate for them, we had workers that would say, "Make way, make way everyone, the princesses are approaching." It was funny to see the expressions on the girls faces. Bella was shy and kind of looked down, but Tori... well Tori I have to say, may be our little actress. She totally ate it up. She walked with her hands up just a bit and was very proper just like a princess. This happened several times as we walked. Then, as we approached the restaurant for lunch (which is located in Norway), one of the Norwegian workers came up and said, "Oh princesses come with me, your boat to tour all of Norway awaits." We weren't quite sure what was going on, but a tour...of Norway... okay. So he takes us through a different entrance, and we bypass those who were waiting in line to take the boat ride, and he personally guided us through the tour. So if you're going, and don't have little princesses, it might not hurt to dress up your little boys in prince outfits just so you too can get the royal treatment.

The meal, although not cheap, was AWESOME, and about 15 minutes into it, the girls faces suddenly lit up as they saw the princesses emerge. We were greeted by Belle at the entrance, and even got these awesome pictures as a gift.

Then they saw Sleeping Beauty, followed by Ariel (I thought Tori was going to pass out), Cinderella, and Alice from Wonderland. This was truly, truly an amazing lunch that I'm sure they will always remember.

I spoke to one of the workers at the restaurants to see if there were any other princesses in the park that we could see. He told me that Mulan was over in China, and Snow White was in Germany. So off we went to hunt them down. When we arrived in China, Belle noticed that Mushu was with Mulan, and she was having nothing to do with him. Tori kept telling her that it was just a person in a costume, but Belle didn't care. So just as we were getting to the front of the line, Mushu had a telephone call (Disney code for, it is time for you to take a break from that sauna of a costume you are wearing and let someone else take a turn sweating their butts off.) So off he went...BONUS for us. Belle and Tori got to take the picture with Mulan, and just as we were finishing up the pic, Alex starts telling me, "Here he comes, hurry, here he comes." Ah, the things we do for our kids.

Next it was off to Germany to see Snow White. Well, just as we were getting there, we saw that she was with Dopey, and they were both off to take a break. So we waited, and waited, and waited, and when she finally came out, the girls did not, and would not take a picture with her. WHY??? Because of Dopey. Dopey!!! The friendliest of the Seven Dwarfs, and he totally got dissed by these two princesses. So that was the end of our princess scavenger hunt. We rode a couple more rides and then left for Disney Studios and a date with Fantasmic.

We waited quite a while (like an hour and a half for this show to start, but it was totally, totally worth it. As we watched the boat ride by with all the characters on it, and especially Ariel sitting up on top with her fin, I turned to look at Tori. She literally had tears in her eyes as she was waving goodbye. It was the most amazing thing to see.

Okay, off to work on some projects here at home. I'll post pics of those later.

Have a great day.
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