So I finally am satisfied with my studio to post the pictures. I am particularly proud of this room because it is very personal to me. My awesome husband custom built my desk. It is fabulous. Plenty of space to cut, scrapbook, etc. and lots and lots of storage. Notice that my computer tower is nowhere in sight??? It's hidden in the cabinet. Exactly what I wanted. I also have my family heritage collage above my desk. I got old pics of my parents, Alex's parents, our grandparents, our girls and ourselves and framed them all in white. I still have a couple more pictures I need to put up there.

the area above my cubes is something I put together from thrift purchases. I bought some of the frames for like $2 and $3 each. Then I repurposed them. I made a chalkboard, a magnet board, and my calendar (this is purchased from Container Store, but I added a second frame so that it would fit in with the rest.) I am still missing my memo board, but I need Alex's help to cut out the molding for that one, so it is on hold.

Then I have an empty wall over the bed. I am collecting my thrift store plates to put up a collection. I only need a few more.

This dresser is a family heirloom. It belonged to my great grandfather. It was brown when I managed to get my aunt to hand it over. Alex painted it so it would fit in the room, and I love it. It is great storage. The plate holder above the dresser was a garage sale find for $3. It was off white when I bought it, so I just broke out my trusty spray paint. I love how it works as a magazine rack. Perfect place to keep my scrapbooking and decorating magazines.

So there you go. Next to the kitchen, this is my most favorite, and most used room in the house.

Have a great day.
4 Responses
  1. Bella Says:

    I have a gold plate rack like your black one...that I don't use...but I just might whip out some black spray paint and use it the same way you are, as a magazine rack! How creative!

    I love the soothing color of your room, it's simple, classic and uncluttered, very nice :)

  2. Susie Harris Says:

    I want that room, smile... Its so clean and crisp... You asked about those chanddies in my daughters room... I got them from a stores display... They were throwing them out... SCORE! Susie h~

  3. Joy Says:

    What a beautiful studio! With a room that nice, I'd be crafting all day.

  4. Nikki Says:

    I am so glad that I came across your blog. I am drooling over your studio, it is beautiful and so well put together.