Linda at Restyled Home threw out this little challenge to post your perfectly imperfect homes. So I figured I would repost my kitchen makeover. Everyday I walk into my kitchen, and I am so glad that I painted it. It isn't perfect, by any means. You can see the paint strokes and the knobs aren't exactly right, but I love it. It is one of my favorite spots in my house.

This is the before...

and here is the after.

Not perfect, and lots of short cuts, but I love how my kitchen turned out. Look around your house and you might find that you have your own perfectly imperfect items or spaces that are perfect just for you.

5 Responses
  1. Bella Says:

    I love your kitchen! are giving me some ideas today, Deb!!! My kitchen has the original oak cabinets, with brass or gold (ugly) hardware, painted brick (yes, brick) backsplash...and it is also on a couple of walls, is painted cream...then the counter tops are a dark green formica, rounded out with cream appliances, sink & faucet and hardwood floors....yes, hardwood the kitchen? Ugh! It so needs a re-do...maybe black paint on the cupboards like appliances...I need to show your kitchen to my hubby!!! :)

  2. Gorgeous, utterly gorgeous Deb!! Thanks for playing along!


  3. Celeste Says:

    ok, so i had been RACKING my brain to figure out where the heck your studio was!! LOL!! so ... now i know!! i'm really loving it. when are you coming to do my house?? i'm planning on winning the lottery tomorrow, so i may just fly you out so that we can chat and then send you back to shop in shopping heaven!! and then, of course, Alex would have to build me something too... i think one of those planing bench thingies for my yard!! ok, i am going to FINALLY email you the pictures of my bedroom and bathroom (before it changes again for fall) because i already bought a new comforter that i love!! :)

  4. Marie Says:

    I really, really love the black cabinets!! I'm so torn as to what to do in my kitchen. I want to paint my bottom cabinets black, but I'm afraid that will be too wacky with the upper cabinets white.

    I recently bought the letters E A T for my kitchen too! I'll do that project this week, I think. Thanks for the reminder. lol

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Gorgeous! How did you do this with young kids? Please give me the secret! :) I have two young kids... and I'm so wanting to redo my kitchen, but it's just a scary thought!

    Did you have someone come in and do it for you? Or did you do it yourself? Did you have to totally sand down the cupboards before you painted or did you just rough them up a bit for the paint to adhere?

    Did you do it in a series of steps so that the kids didn't get into stuff? Like a few cupboards at a time so that they don't get into it?

    LOL... basically... how'd you do it?! :)