I have been totally MIA this week. Alex took the week off and we were out doing things, movies, lunch, etc. The week totally got away from us, and we didn't accomplish nearly what we had wanted. Then to top it off he got sick. To the point where he was asking me for medicine. I knew he was really sick when he was asking for different kinds and wanted it sooner than the recommended dose. So needless to say, I've been a bad, bad blogger. But I have been keeping up with what others are doing, and I have been creating myself.

So I have seen so many cute Halloween / Fall decor ideas on all kinds of different blogs, and I just had to copy some of the things that I saw. So first there was this idea that I saw on Marie's Blog.

Super easy and cost about $3 with a Michaels coupon. The best part about it is I finally found a reason to use those Creative Memories foam stamps that I have in my stash.

Next I saw this idea on Shannon's Blog. So I was at Walgreen's the other day and I saw these pumpkins...

I knew they would be perfect. So I broke out my Cricut machine and cut out the letters out of black vinyl. They didn't stick as well as I would have liked, so I just added some glue to them and voila.

I'm also in the process of making my Happy Halloween garland, so I'll post that as soon as it is done and in place.

Aside from my fall creations, which I have more up my sleeve, I have been working on the darn grout. I have to say that it is looking spectacular. If you remember this is what the area near the girls' eating area looked like before...

Here is the after. Much better I think.

This is the area next to the sink and the dishwasher. HORRIBLE area!!!

And here is the after. I am so excited. My floors actually look clean. I can't tell you how frustrating it was to sweep and mop and still have the floors looking disgusting. Well no more.

So I am now going up to the attic to get down the rest of my fall decor. I am so in the mood, and the temps are a little cooler. Maybe if I decorate for it, it will come... (I'm so channeling Field of Dreams right now.) Oh, and I want to thank all of you who left me comments on my girls' playroom post. I got some great ideas. I am still undecided as to what exactly to do, but I definitely will be making a change in there. Although the yellow is happy, it is just to bright and cheery for me. I need something a little more toned down. So we'll see what I come up with.

Okay, I'm off to put my little ones to bed, and catch up on my shows. I haven't been able to watch any of them since Alex has been home. I am so excited that One Tree Hill, 90210, and Gossip Girl started this week. I know, I know... how old am I? Whatever people, I like what I like.

Have a great evening.
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  1. AJ Says:

    Deb! Love everything you have done. I have been wanting to do the spooky letters and boo pumpkins but haven't gotten around to it yet. As for 90210 and Gossip Girl I am right there with you. I haven't seen either one yet and I'm dying for some alone time to catch up. Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure:) So glad it wasn't one of my faves that were cancelled. Oh, and I refuse to grow up!!

  2. Nikki Says:

    Hi Deb! Your grout turned out great! Love the fall projects.

  3. Susie Harris Says:

    Im headed straight to Walgreens to get me some white pumpkins....ok well maybe I will have to wait till they get power but as soon as they do Im on my way, I have been couped up way too long. Love all of your fall goodies. Cant wait to get back in the swing of things. Take care and I hope your hunny feels better.

  4. Scrapper Mom Says:

    I copied the pumpkin, candle holder idea too, but I don't have a cricut to cut the letters out with. What font is that? I have a different die cutter. (KNK Element)

    Are you a scrapbooker?

  5. Scrapper Mom Says:

    Oh, and I meant to say the grout looks great and so do the decorations!! Looking forward to seeing more.

  6. Hi Deb,
    I'm seeing these white pumpkins everywhere. Your decorations look great!

  7. linda Says:

    I bought the wood to make this "spooky" craft too. I had the hardest time finding stencils that I liked. I love yours and Marie's! I bought larger wood pieces but they don't stand up on their own. I may need to buy some smaller ones.

    I love the pumpkin on the candle holder idea, especially white ones!

    Your grout look great!

  8. Bella Casa Says:

    You mean I can get white pumpkins at Walgreens? I have been stalking my 2 Dollar Trees with no luck, so off to 2 Walgreens I will go, hope I can find them there :)

    Can't wait to see what you do to your girls' room :)


  9. duchess Says:

    That floor is looking terrific and don't worry about being a copycat.
    They're great ideas & you copied them very successfully.

  10. Everthing is oh so cute! What is the font you used for your cricut? I love it!

  11. Shannon Says:

    Thanks for the shout out! :) Your pumpkins turned out GREAT!!! I love your letters!! The "spooky" looks so cute too!

    I LOVE The Tree and so glad it is back on. My husband LOVES Gossip Girl too! :)

  12. Your grout (and your fall decorations) looks amazing. I need a good kick in my butt to do this!!!! Seeing how good yours looks inspires me.

    Have a great week~


  13. Love your pumpkins...and the newly cleaned grout looks amazing! BYH... you remind me of ME! Dirty grout is just not acceptable! LOL! Thank you for all your sweet comments!

  14. Joy Says:

    I love your copycat crafts! Everything, including the grout, turned out fantastic!
    Those white pumpkins look just like the ones I got at Target last year.

  15. Marie Says:

    Your copy looks better than MINE! Thanks for the linky linky. :o)

    My husband was home all last week too...we didn't do half of what was on our list. But oh well. It was nice just hanging out with him... ALONE.

    Your decor looks so pretty! Love your "copy" of Shannon's pumpkins! Love the letters!

    The grout looks WONDERFUL! (sorry for the book of a comment!!)

  16. so, were all what? lol

    I LOVE the tile, it looks great now! :) And all of your decor is just beautiful!

  17. I really want to copy those pumpkins on the candles. What is a cricut machine? I won't be able to write it free hand. Your Halloween decor is super cute girl! And your tile looks like you could eat off it. ;-)

  18. Carrie Says:

    All you fall projects look great can't wait to see the rest and I have to say I am very jealous you have cricut machine I want one so bad!

  19. Tausha Says:

    You have been super busy! All those projects and the tile! You rock! The heart thing is such a fun thing for the girls, I am sure that it would work for your little one! They feel so special when I do it-little do they know the idea came from a commercial. Apparently the commercial stole it from a book. Very sneaky people! I am going to do some of your projects. I am so with you on the fall decor. It is supposed to cool way down this week-maybe I will get it out and it wont get back up to 90!sigh