So I have been totally lazy this whole weekend, and have loved it. I just don't feel like doing much, although looking around the house, I keep thinking of things I should be doing. I am still working on my grout, which is looking fabulous but I can only do it in spurts as my back starts bothering me. Then I keep looking at the girls playroom, and it is totally bothering me. It has bothered me for a long time. I guess really since I first painted it. It is just too bright for me and really doesn't go with the rest of the house. My thought is that I am going to paint the walls a more neutral color, like a taupe and then focus on the chocolate, hot pink and white that is in there already. I am really considering painting the picture molding in there, which I really hate. It is so hard to hang any sort of wall treatments in there. What do you think???

Any ideas on what I should do? I am just tired of it and need a change. I still want it to be fun, but since it is the first room to the right of entering our home, I feel like it needs to really be more like the rest of the house and not scream "Children under 10!!!"

Okay, on to something about me and not my house. I was tagged by Brandi at the Berry's Patch. She has some fabulous ideas and way inspiring photos. Go check her out.

Okay so I'm supposed to list 6 unimportant things about me. Hmmm??? Let me think.

1. I am totally obsessed with the weather. Seriously, this runs in my family. (Mother, me, Bella) It's not a good thing.

2. I hate onions, but love onion rings... go figure.

3. I like containers... all kinds. Half the time I don't even know where I'm going to use them, but I just end up buying them.

4. I have trouble saying no. Don't know why, but I do, and then I overextend myself because of it.

5. I like fish sandwiches from McDonalds. I know... eeewww!!! I've heard it before but I do.

6. I'm afraid of dogs. Always have been. I'm getting better, but it's still a thing with me.

So that's it. A little randomness about me. Okay, so now I'm going to tag a few people. I tag......

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Marie from Watch the Wind Blow By

Okay, I'm off to get some things done today. I really need to make use of this Labor Day, and do some sort of labor. Have a great day. Hopefully you aren't being impacted by Gustav, but if you are or have been... may prayers to you.

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  1. Hi Deb,
    I think we have alot in common. I hate onions but love onion rings too, have a hard time saying gets me in trouble sometimes...and I am scared of dogs!
    Too funny!

  2. Momma to Bug Says:

    I personally love the yellow but if you don't like it than you should change it! Maybe you could do a faux treatment in the mouldings only and leave the rest. Or just leave the yellow in or out of the mouldings and do a different color the opposite. Just thoughts off the top of my head. I like the yellow and pink a lot! Happy Labor Day to you too!

  3. Deb,

    I think the room is cute. I agree with momma to bug...something different either in or out of the moldings.

    Oh, I love fish sandwiches from MCD! Sometimes I crave them. Thanks for your nice comments!

    Brandee :-)

  4. Marie Says:

    Pretty room! I am not one to give decorating advice so I won't put my two cents in there. The molding is nice though! What a pain to paint around... yikes!

    Thanks for tagging me. I'll have to think about this. I think most things about me are to pick 6? lol By the way, I am obsessed with weather too! I could watch The Weather Channel for hours and hours.:o)

  5. I think the room is cute how you have it but if you are looking for an idea... What about painted the walls on color and then accenting the rectangles inside with another color. And then you can display pictures or artwork or whatever in those area to highlight them - like maybe have your kids make some stuff and frame them or whatever...

  6. Celeste Says:

    can you please add to your weirdness that we dang couldn't have any dolls around you when we were kids, please!! LOL!! the thing about this room is that it goes with the girls' room upstairs so very nicely, but you're right it does scream "GIRLS' ROOM!!" right when you walk into your house... such decisions for you to make... i kinda like it!

  7. Bella Casa Says:

    I love that room! Why not just wait til the girls are older to redecorate it...then they can give their input on colors and style, etc.

    I don't think kids' rooms have to match the rest of the home, they are only kids once and heck, why not have fun with color? :) :)

    I love what you did with the bulletin board in the frames :)

    I posted a contest on Monday, I hope you will enter, good luck!

    Bella :)

  8. Sandy Toes Says:

    It has a lot of fun details...normally not found in rooms! Maybe just a different muted color with some great curtains!

    I sometimes at the oddest times crave those silly fish sandwiches, too!

    -Sandy Toes

  9. Well, I really like the yellow, but I understand if, in person, it is driving you crazy. I don't have to live with it every day! A taupe color would be really pretty, I think. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  10. Thank you for the tag~ I would love to play along. But I need to take a few day to pull myself together from the trip. Thank you

  11. Kimba Says:

    WOW! I thought you were going to say that was a recently made-over room. It really is beautiful. Especially for a kids playroom. But if it's not your style then you should change it.

    I like the idea of using a softer color on the walls if that is what bugs you. A warm cream or tan would work with the colors that you already have. I also love the trimwork but you could certainly paint it the same color as the wall.

  12. aunties Says:

    What a darling room, already! Why don't I just trade my 'want to be' room with your daughter's play room and I would have my place for my computer and sewing machine and they can have my 'pilot' room. You know pile it here and pile it there, pile everywhere!:) Seriously it is a darling room as is. Good Luck Deb, it will be interesting to see what you decide.

  13. Jules Says:

    I think you're right about the yellow. You don't pick it up anywhere else so it would be easy to get rid of.

    Would it be too dark to paint the walls chocolate brown and keep the trim white? Then you could use your accent colors of pink and white around the room. It might be fun to cover the cork board with fabric that picks up the pink and white (I guess people use a staple gun to do this) with ribbon crossing the fabric.

    You could also slip cover the chairs or use some chairs like this
    in white.

    Oh, and you could take a band of the fabric you're using and sew it onto the side edge of your curtains to jazz them up.

    I love playing pretend!

  14. Well I am the same way with The saying no thing is a women thing...we want to please. OHhhhh My dh is obsessed with weather too...he checks several times a day. He should have gone into meterology. That room is sooo sunny and happpy. cherry