So the other morning, my sis in love calls and starts telling me about this girl who was on the radio talking about ghosts. Specifically... how to know if you have a ghost in your home. My sis in love thought about me because of some of the things that this woman mentioned... i.e. electronics constantly breaking down, children under the age of 10 with upper respiratory issues, etc. The woman also mentioned that people who buy antiques or have antiques in their homes, especially antique jewelry, tend to have ghosts who are attached to those items. (Alex totally agreed with this one since he was super excited when I got rid of "the scary mirror" as he called it. In actuality it was my great grandmother's mirror that I grew up with. I am now coming to find out, he wasn't the only one who thought it was a "scary mirror.") I thought this was completely strange, and then I thought about it.

*We are constantly having our electrical appliances breaking down. (Fridge-4 times, washing machine-2 times, big screen, main television, garage door, internet constantly freaking out (including as I type), cable issues, telephone issues, etc.) We don't buy crap, and in fact, Alex usually insists on buying top of the line so we don't have these issues. Well it's not working.

*The upper respiratory issues, well from my previous posts I guess we know the answer to that one.

*Antiques, well aside from the one that I just bought, I have three other pieces. So take your pick.

Did this phone call surprise me? No. About two years ago, I was up in my studio (pre huge custom made desk) sitting at my computer. At that point, the table faced the wall next to the door. Well, quite literally, I saw a man walk past the doorway as if coming out of the media room. I called out to Alex to come back for a minute, of course thinking it was him... and nothing. I called again, and still nothing. Now I was annoyed and got up to go ask why he ignored me. Well, he was downstairs, working in the garage and hadn't been anywhere near the media room. WEIRD!!! Not the only time something strange has happened, and in fact Belle has also seen something.

Well, last night, my mother in love was staying with us, and she saw something too. She didn't say anything to us at the time, but early this morning she told Alex and told him not to say anything to me so that I wouldn't get scared. She said she saw a man in the media room area (same place I saw him before). Kind of weird, but not scary. She said that she didn't feel anything negative at all, which of course is good. So now what? Well, the suggestion is to use smudging sticks to clean out the house. Does this work? Not sure, but it couldn't hurt right?

So here is my question. Do you believe in ghosts? Have you had any experiences with them? Any suggestions?

On another note, the sickies have gone away, thank goodness. Unfortunately, we came to find out that a pulled neck muscle that Bella had was actually the calling card of something more serious. It turns out that her spine is crooked, and she is having some pretty bad nerve pressure in her neck. So to make a very looooonnnnngggg story short, we are going for therapy three times a week. The other major downer for her... no gymnastics for a while. Needless to say, this did not go over well with her. Plus trying to make a child who loves to flip and jump constantly not flip and jump constantly takes some work. Ah, the mom has to play the bad guy again. I really hate playing the bad guy all the time.

Okay, I'm done ranting for a while. I am off to watch Grey's.

Have a Happy Halloween and stay safe.
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  1. Wow! Im first! :)

    I have to say that I know I shouldnt believe in ghosts, but I have had way to much expreience with "something" to make me think they dont exsist.
    I would love to give all the details, but it would take up your whole blog! hehe

    I did grow up in a house that was very old and people from ym family had died there. Very strange things happened there all the time. Then we moved to our new house and weirdo stuff happened here too. radios turning themselves on then turning themselves up to the loudest volume, lamps coming on when we saw that they were unplugged, lights turning on and off, foosteps, etc.
    So I definatly think something roams around here. I just try to be nice and not bother it! hehe

    Have a great Halloween!
    and P.S. I hope Bella feels better! I will be praying for her!!

  2. Shannon Says:


    I don't personally believe in ghosts and have not had any "sightings". But some of the stories that people tell are freaky!

  3. Darlene Says:

    You know I have never had any weird experiences but from things that happen and watching the ghost type stories on Tru TV...I do tend to believe......

    I do hope that Bella does get better with the therapy. I know what you mean about being the mean one when they can't flip, jump, etc. I would have a very hard time keeping mine still.

    I hope you have a Happy Halloween and nothing freaky happens today!!!

  4. Okay, I'm officially freaked out. I've never had a ghost experience but I've heard stories. Actually, I think it would be kind of cool to live with a ghost..a nice one anyway. :-)

  5. Celeste Says:

    i've heard that you (here in NM) get Native Holy Men to come to your house and use the smudge sticks and "bless" your house... I've heard it works, but who knows. Also, maybe some Holy Water?? who knows...

    What creepy mirror are you talking about?? I don't remember it...

    I totally believe in ghosts!! We have some here at school and the kids all know about them. They are kids that are sort of trickster ghosts. haha!! people that come work on stuff at our school, like over the summer, and the ghosts don't know them say they get creepy feelings about our school!!

  6. Marie Says:

    um the scary mirror is at my house now and it's not scary - it's beautiful, everyone who sees it thinks so. and, you need to stop watching so much 'ghost hunters' on tv and going to the 'ghost club' meetings on thursdays, you're freaking yourself out.

  7. marie Says:

    oh by the way, if you want to wipe the bad juju out of your house, I saw some smudge sticks (sage) at central market the other day, in the toiletries section by the incense.

  8. Celeste Says:

    WHICH SCARY MIRROR?!? i just don't remember it.... one of you needs to help a cousin out!!

  9. Nichole Says:

    I totally believe in ghosts!! My parents home was built in 1890 and it has lots of "activity" in it. My most recent experience there was this summer. I had gone to bed but was still awake. I heard my brother walk down the hall to my door and then heard a hand grab the doorknob and turn it. I heard the door open a crack. I waited for him to say something but there was nothing so I assumed he thought I was asleep. I turned the light on, and found out that my brother wasn't there and the door wasn't even open. I said something to him the next morning and he wasn't even home at the time that happened!

    So many things have happened there that I'm actually scared to be alone in the dark there. I'm a big chicken :o)