So a few months ago I was faced with a dilema... what do you do when you have a child who now has homework daily, has trouble focusing, has a little sister who loves to interrupt and needs a quiet place to work and focus? Well, you find a spot in the house. My problem, was there were too many distractions in all the normal places. So I had to create a workspace for her in her bedroom. Luckily, my girls have a playroom, so aside from the radio, there aren't any toys to turn to. I went in search of a desk. They aren't as easy to find as you would think... especially on a budget. Luckily I happened to walk in to the SalArm on a day when all furniture was half off - YEAH BABY!!! So I found this desk and got it for $20. A little apple green spray paint and we were set.

But of course we need lots of space to work, and all the cute little buckets and tape dispensers just take up too much space... what to do, what to do? So I decided to use this file cabinet that my sister gave me to create storage and extra space. Again, my favorite apple green paint, some wrapping paper and decoupage and voila, instant addition.

Now I don't know about you but every time I do something new to the girl's room, even something this small, they want to spend the rest of the afternoon in there cleaning and organizing. Hhmmm? I wonder what else I can do in there on a weekly basis to get them to do that all the time?

Okay, I'm off to read to them and put them to bed, then to read to me. I finished Outlander and I loved it. Now I have to warn you, there is a bit that is really hard to read, but it is part of the story, so I dealt with it. But the book itself is beautiful. LONG but beautiful. A love story, with a scifi twist. I just started the second one, and I have to say these are the first book since Twilight that I am hooked on. Alex is constantly telling me,"Maybe I should make myself look like a book so you can pay as much attention to me as you do those books." Aaww... sorry baby. Maybe he should read them so he can see what the excitement is about. Try it out. You won't be disappointed.

Have a great evening.
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  1. Darlene Says:

    That desk and file cabinet turned out GREAT! That is funny that they want to clean & organize after you do something new...I would be racking my brain trying to come up with something

    Might have to check out that book.

  2. Marie Says:

    SO CUTE! I love the colors you used. I try to be brave and use bold colors and always fail miserably. You choose well! :o)

  3. AJ Says:

    Love the legs on the desk and the color you chose. Great find and looks so cute in there. My girls are the same way about their rooms. Just the newest little something and they think it is "awesome" and want to spend so much more time in there:)
    I'm going to have to check out the book you recommended. Since Twilight I just haven't found something to suck me in-I need a diversion from Twilight!!

  4. Shannon Says:

    I love that color on the desk and file cabinet! So cute! The paper looks great on the cabinet too.

  5. Liz Says:

    Deb, I love the desk and I'm so bummed that I missed the drawing!

    Love ya bunches & talk to you soon!

    BTW, I graduated from 3 days a week to 1 day a week @ Chiro!


  6. Momma to Bug Says:

    You make furniture makeovers look so easy! Great job! I love these two colors together too! Your daughter's room is so cute! Check out my family room makeover. I'll be posting a project later this week too that transformed my fireplace mantel.

  7. Claudia Says:

    Lovely work space. The desk is so cute! That sweet girl is fortunate to have such a crafty momma. I've been painting with a brush but will have to give spray paint a try!

    You really like sci-fi, huh? :) I'm hoping to do more reading this year. Please recommend a good one, please!

  8. Sandy Toes Says:

    Very very cute..I love that color of green!
    -sandy toe

  9. Bibi Says:

    Hey Deb,
    I like the desk but I really love what you did with the cabinet. I too, was doing the same project. Loren gave me the desk you gave her. I took off the top part, sanded it, painted it white and decoupaged the top with really nice paper. Cacho loves it.

  10. Lamp Tramp Says:

    Deb, what a beautiful job on the desk & cabinet. Your darling daughter looks so happy to have her own desk! Oh, those days of kids struggling over homework!
    So funny that Alex wants your attention and needs to turn into a book. My hubby feels that way about the computer and blogging. He's always teasing me about spending too much time in bloggy land.

  11. That is so very very cute! I especially like the file cabinet makeover. :)

    ~ Sarah

  12. I love the makeover. But, the filing cabinet is super nice. What sort of glue did you use to keep the paper on? I have two filing cabinets that could use a makeover.

  13. Angie Seaman Says:

    Hi Deb. I am so sorry that I am just now getting back to you about the camera questions you emailed me. I was away on vacation with my family for 2.5 weeks when I got your email. Then, I came home to a slu of emails and work to be caught up on. So...if you are still needing help with the purchase of a camera, feel free to email me at and let me know the type questions you have and what you plan to do with you new camera (family stuff,professional work, etc.)

    I'd be happy to help in any way I can. In the meantime, thanks so much for the compliments on my work. I really appreciate it. You are too sweet.

    Blessings, Angie Seaman

  14. Connie Says:

    Love your filing cabinet !