I have a confession to make... I get bored easily... with my decor. I start off liking it, but then after a while I want to change it, but as inexpensively as possible. This leads me into my kitchen. I love my kitchen. I love my black cabinets,

my newly painted grout,

my inexpensively made window covering.

But I do not like my kitchen chairs and stools, or I should say, I didn't. Here is the before chair...

The fabric just didn't go. It was okay for a while. It was inexpensive and was a huge improvement from the awful cream colored fabric full of stains that covered these seats before. (Children and cream colored fabric just don't mix. For that matter children and light colored fabric of any kind don't mix.) Well, I decided to redo them. I found a fabulous fabric on sale at Hancock Fabrics, and for $36 dollars I covered 6 chairs and 2 bar stools. What do you think?

Much richer look I think, and the fabric is much better suited to this area.

Okay, I'm off to make some dinner for my family. Oh, and I almost forgot... The Bachelor is tonight...woohoo!!! Do you have a favorite yet??

Have a good evening.
12 Responses
  1. AJ Says:

    Love the fabric! Looks great! Did you paint your cabinets yourself? I'm thinking of painting mine but really am not up for all the work!!

  2. Darlene Says:

    Those look BEAUTIFUL! LOVE the fabric you used. I am going to try to watch the Bachelor tonight...I caught it last week and it was good.

  3. Carrie Says:

    I love the fabric it looks so good!

  4. I like the change! It's not a huge change, but just enough. Looks good!

    ~ Sarah

  5. Wendy Says:

    I like the fabric. The black cabinets look great. I want to paint my kitchen cabinets black but I'm scared to do so.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  6. Shannon Says:

    They look great! I love that fabric. I just got a steal on some fabric too at Hancocks. I'm going to make some curtains soon.

    I love your black cabinets!

  7. Momma to Bug Says:

    Great cabinets! I really like the new just pops better than the old one. Great job!

    See my tip for countertop organization if you have a moment:


  8. I love did an awesome your cabs too. cherry

  9. Misti Says:

    Hi and thanks for stopping by my place! I do love the fabric on the chairs and L-O-V-E the black cabinets! I want to paint our island black or cream with a glaze. My husband, however, doesn't even like to hear me mention painting brand new cabinets. He said we are staying here forever, that means they are forever mine, and I can keep painting them when I get bored with the color, right?! Love your blog, keep those ideas coming and come back and visit me soon!

  10. Misti Says:

    Oh forgot, on The Bachelor I want the restaurant designer to win...or the teacher. Not the foul-mouthed Lacrosse teacher.

  11. MeganSloan Says:

    I found your blog on random and your black cabinets caught my eye - I just painted mine black! And the previous homeowners put in all the tile by themselves (and did so very badly!) and I believe they forgot to seal the grout. Soooo... my question is.... how did you paint it? What did you paint it with? I would love any help/suggestions! Thanks! My email addy is

  12. First time to visit oh my gosh I love all the cute ideas that you have. Your whole blog is adorable.I am
    so glad that I was lucky and found My Life's Little Pieces. One of my favorite.
    Have a great day.