I'm sorry, my poor, neglected blog... I really am. I meant to post all these wonderful projects, that I've done, or seen, and gush about what I am planning to work on. I really did plan on it... and then life took over again. And let me tell you, when it rains it pours. Kind of feels like that movie, Armagedon, when all the people in New York are dodging the pieces of the meteor that are falling from the sky. Lately it seems like so many people in my life are dodging meteors, and unfortunately some are being nicked.

I honestly believe that God never gives you more than you can handle, and that there is a reason for all that he allows to happen. But sometimes, you have to ask... SERIOUSLY?? I have friends going through life changing, life altering situations, that I, unfortunately can relate to. I have another friend whose daughter was found to have a serious medical condition right before Christmas. My hubby, is once again dealing with severe back and leg pain... a result of disc issues. We are counting the days until he is able to hopefully get it surgically corrected so that he can have some relief from the pain.

Then there is my brother in law... J. He was rushed to surgery right before Thanksgiving with an aneurysm on his kidney, which is apparently not a normal thing for a young, healthy man. They, thankfully saved his life, but were unable to save the kidney. His recovery has been slow, and steady and up until yesterday we thought all was well. Unfortunately, something showed up on the MRI and it looks as if there may be another one in his brain. So as I said, sometimes I just ask... SERIOUSLY??? I hate feeling useless. I hate not having some answers, so that a solution can be found. A plan of action. But sometimes, you just have to throw your hands up and say, "Okay, I know there's a reason, but please could you let me in on it? Please?"

So for now, I pray. I pray for strength for my friends and their families. So that they can get through these horrible times that they are in now, and they can be stronger and happier once the clouds let the sun shine on them again. I pray for my friend's daughter, that this condition not hinder her in any way, and that she can once again be a happy, healthy child. I pray for my friend so that she can some day start to relax again, and let go of some of the fear that envelops her right now. I pray for my husband, so that the pain he is dealing with now disappears and he can once again do the things that he enjoys. I pray for my brother in law so that whatever he has, can be treated and he can recover fully. And I pray for strength for my sister. That she can find comfort in knowing that prayers are being sent their way, and that the power of prayer is great.

So my dear bloggie, please forgive me for neglecting you. Sometimes, we just have to prioritize the things in our lives that are important, and need our attention a little more. I promise I'll get crafty again, hopefully real soon. Am I forgiven??
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Absolutely... and my prayers are with you - maria

  2. Camille Says:

    Totally forgiven. I will pray that your friends and family heal and stay safe, healthy and happy. Take care. Camille

  3. Anonymous Says:
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  4. Anonymous Says:

    I struggle with this constantly. Putting it in His hands and knowing that He has a plan. Something that has helped me came from one of my children's Veggie Tale videos (The Ballad of Little Joe - representing Joseph, the youngest son of Jacob). Basically, Joe/Joseph is asked how he can continue to believe God is good when all this awful stuff keeps happening to him. And he answers, "I know God has a plan. I don't know it... yet. But He has a plan." The YET always gets me. It's not our place to know what's best, but to have faith that He does.

    I hope that helps... isn't interjecting myself into your struggles at this time. It's just a little something that has helped me. Crazy how much my faith has been reawakened by Blogland and Veggie Tales.

    Hope things get better soon and that God takes care of all your loved ones.

  5. cj Says:

    Yes, you are forgiven.