As much as I wish I was better at blogging I'm just not lately. I think about what I will post and I get started and then am easily distracted. I seriously think I need ADD meds or something. I just have so much trouble getting things accomplished sometimes and it is soooo frustrating. I have gotten some things done over the past few months... some little and some big. Some for me, and some for others...

My friend Alexa bought a beeeaaauuutiful house a few months ago and asked me to help her with the decorating and drapes. It is an ongoing process but here are some drapes I made for her.

These are the drapes for her living room. Beautiful fabric.

These are in her dining room. These medalions were found at HobLob for like $2.50 on sale. They are fabulous!

Then here and there I've done a few things at my house. Nothing too major.

Some fun and inexpensive candle bling...

And finally, after seeing this post on Shanty2Chic, I had to try it out. A set of 3 canisters for about $17. Super fun and different.

I love them. They are so fun, and since the lids are screw tops, the food inside doesn't get stale.

So now that I am back to blogging I am thinking of all these other things that I want to post about. Hmmm... what to post next???
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  1. Celeste Says:

    you should blog about my tori rori's new room!!

  2. I know what you mean about thinking about what you want to post and not getting to it. I have been the same way since I got pregnant with my second child. I still have a lot of posts to do....a new console table, living room curtains, entire new bedroom set...the list goes on and on. Hope you find some good stuff to post!