We seriously had a hard weather week last week. We were iced in... and snowed in... and we really need to get out of here. Don't get me wrong, I love being at home, but seriously - we were going on our 4th day of being at home and not because we wanted to. We just weren't brave enough or maybe it's crazy enough to venture out on those crazy streets out there. Although the crazy was starting to set in at one point, and if we were forced to stay in another day we would have had to have found us a sled and some dogs somewhere.

I wish I could say I was super productive and cleaned my house from top to bottom and was just super crafty... but I wasn't. I spent WAY too much time on a little site called Facebook. Have you heard of it?? It's evil. Too bad Zuckerberg doesn't make money based on how much time people spend on Facebook, because he would be so much richer than he already is I tell you. (The Junie B. Jones hasn't worn off yet... sorry!)

Anyway, I figured that since I was at home I should at least attempt to do something creative. Hmm, what to do, what to do... when you can't run to Hobby Lobby because you might get stranded and the hubster would so not be happy about that.

Once again I was forced to use what I had on hand. I'm starting to realize that I have a lot on hand.

I used this...

and this...

and a template from this blog...

Then I used this...

and cut off this...

to make this...

and in the end I had made this....

I love it!! And it looks so pretty on my chair. I loved it so much that I had a little drawing on my FB page and gave one away. So now I'm thinking I need to make some more of these for other parts of my house...

I'm linked over at the Tip Junkie's Tip Me Tuesday party...
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9 Responses
  1. Cori Says:

    Wow - this is gorgeous! I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine (I much prefer paper), but I might have to try this!

  2. Dear Lillie Says:

    Wow - LOVE what you did with this!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    How do you use the sharpie and polish remover?

  4. Wow, I LOVE this! It is so beautiful. My mind is already planning on making one.... ;)

  5. Erin Says:

    That is gorgeous!!! And to think you had all those beautiful things on hand!!

  6. garage Says:

    Wow! That's really nice. I like your valentine pillow.

  7. Wow!!! It is sooooo beautiful. You have done a great job.
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