Wow, how did that happen? We only have 18 more days of school. That's crazy! I have to admit that I am a little ready to be without a crazy schedule for a while. For the moment we are in hyperdrive. Tons of things going on this month, and it's a little stressful. So I am trying to find some easy things to do for the teachers to show them how thankful we are for everything they have done for us all year. Having been a teacher, I tend to go a little overboard sometimes because I know what a hard job it is.

So here are some ideas for some little "thank you's" you can give your teachers. Easy and inexpensive.

We made these for our teachers last year. You can never have enough pencils in the classroom.

Super simple... a glass candle holder from Target, about 4 packs of pencils, and vinyl letters (I used my Cricut to cut it all out). A little advice... sharpen the pencils before you give your teacher the gift. She'll love you forever.

I actually made these for our teachers for Valentine's day this year.

I bought some cute little containers at HomeGoods. Some were plain white and I added some red x's and o's, and then I found some red and white ramekins and a white, heart shaped container. I used these as cupcake containers and baked red velvet cake in each one. I then iced them and packaged them with a spoon in a cellophane bag for each teacher. They loved it!!

Then there are those fun, and super cute duck tape pens that the kids are making. My girls wanted to try to make them, but in the end... it was I that made them. Every day they were coming home saying... so and so wants one and so and so wants one. Well, they teachers also thought they were cute. So these pens with those super cute note pad stacks from HobLob would be a cute little gift for those teachers who like a little bling.

I've got some other ideas brewing... just need the time to put them together. With only 18 more days left... I better get a move on.

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